RESERVE, LA - Meeting of February 5, 2013


ITEM 1:  The Chair called the meeting to order and read the following call:



Parish of St. John the Baptist


Dear Board Member:


Upon call of the President, the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board will meet

in special session at Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria, Reserve, Louisiana, on Tuesday, February 5, 2013, at 9:00 a.m.


An agenda for the meeting is attached.


Sincerely, s/Herbert Smith



The Chair called for a moment of silent meditation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  




PRESENT: Messrs. Jack, Burl, Keller, DeFrancesch, Wise, Bacas, Sanders, Triche.


ABSENT:  Jones, Johnson, Nicholas.


There were 8 members present, 3 absent.


ITEM 3.  CSRS – Recommendations and Update.


Mr. Chris Pellegrin greeted the board and gave an overview of CSRS’s contract with St. John the Baptist Parish School Board.


Mr. Wise requested that President Triche and Superintendent Smith work with Mr. Pellegrin to design proposed legislation that could be voted on by the Board at the February 21, 2013 meeting.  Mr. Wise also requested that administration set up a meeting with those legislators that could help us in our recovery.

Following discussion, Mr. Pellegrin turned the podium over to Mr. Frank Lacourse.


Dr. Keller left the meeting at 10:02 a.m. and was recorded as absent.


Mr. Frank Lacourse stated that he would give the board an update on East St. John High School and Lake Pontchartrain Elementary.  He reported the following:


Item1. - Phase 1 Selective Demolition and Environmental Abatement

1.  Bid and Start Dates

2.  Abatement Issues

3.  Salvageable Contents

4.  General Demolition

5.  Construction Duration vs. Cost


Item 2 - Phase 2 Renovation of Existing Building


1.  Bid and Start Date

2.  Mold Abatement Issues

3.  ADA & Life Safety Issues

4.  Renovation Work

5.  Construction Duration vs. Cost


Item 3 – Permanent Repairs Lake Pontchartrain Elementary


1.  Replacement Estimate

2. 50% Calculation FEMA

3.  Scanning and Archival Student Records


Item 4 – Temporary Facility for Lake Pontchartrain Elementary


1.  Timeline for LPE students at LGA

2.  Proposed Temporary Site

3.  Estimated Cost


Repair Schedule & Funding


1. FEMA Funding Status


·         All FEMA project worksheets (PWs) for permanent work (Category E) were submitted by the deadlines in October 2012

·         To date, the only Cat E PW obligation was for replacement of spoiled food

·         FEMA reassigned all staff after the New Year and we (and GOHSEP) were unable to reach them until January 8th

·         At our first meeting with the new FEMA team (1/11/13) it became apparent that FEMA was “starting over” with the review of all permanent work PWs

·         There has been no movement on any PWs since that meeting, and we now have involved GOHSEP Senior Management

·         With no obligated funding, the district may not be able to award any demolition or renovation contracts


2. Permanent Repairs ESJH


Phase I – Selective Demolition and Environmental abatement (asbestos & Hazardous material)

·         Bid package for selective demolition and contents removal began advertisement on 1/23/13

·         Prebid meeting scheduled for 2/7/13, with Bid date of 2/21/2013, and NTP on 3/1/2013

·         Project Includes contents removal/disposal, removal of remaining gypsum, flooring, drop ceilings, etc.

·         Asbestos Abatement (Floor Tile/Mastic) and Hazardous Material Removal.

·         Removal of Exterior Brick and Sheathing

·         Salvageable contents will be removed from the site, cleaned of mold and stored in a climate controlled environment

·         Cumulative records will be stored offsite pending FEMA’s response on a funding solution to scan and electronically archive all documents

·         Demolition (as advertised) is scheduled for a April 30th completion (60 days)

·         Initial feedback from potential bidders is that the 60 day schedule would require double (or triple shifts), which will inevitably drive cost increases

·         The design team feels that contractors will absorb liquidated damage penalties and that 90120 days is a more realistic schedule

·         Cost estimate for 60 day schedule: $4,050,000

·         Cost share: 1,012,500

·         Cost estimate for 90 day schedule: $2,700,000

·         Cost share: $675,000

·         Cost share: $2,025,000 if FEMA doesn’t accept accelerated schedule


Option 1 – Full Selective Demolition Including Remediation

·         Full selective demo including all remaining drywall, floors & ceilings, HVAC systems and electrical

·         Full remediation of all mold & ACM

·         Disposal of all damaged contents

·         Least risk of later system failures as seen postKatrina (SB & NOLA)

·         Least risk of later environmental issues

·         If board proceeds with accelerated schedule, there is a risk FEMA will determine the additional cost is not eligible (all students have temp/perm seats)


Option 2 – Minimal Demolition Including Reduced Remediation

·         Remove only those items absolutely necessary to reopen school as quickly as possible

·         Demolition would include partial flooring, some exterior doors, ceiling tiles and removal of damaged contents

·         60 day time line possible (LD is only recourse)

·         Probable least cost option

·         High risk of later system failures as seen postKatrina (St Bernard & NOLA)

·         High risk of buildings not passing required air quality testing

·         No FEMA funding currently in place to proceed with either option

Phase II – Renovation of Existing Buildings

·         Renovation design (Demo option 1) is in process with anticipated bid advertising in midMarch

·         Plan is to issue NTP in mid/late April with mobilization after demo completion

·         Overlap will allow the contractor to prepare submittals/shop drawings & order longlead items such as windows, door frames and brick


Option 1 – Full Renovation

·         Includes replacement of all interior walls, doors, frames, ceiling, flooring, HVAC, Electrical & exterior walls (Main building)

·         Mold Remediation including removal of all drywall & ceiling system, and a 3step cleaning process for all other hard surfaces (block/tile walls, studs, etc.)

·         Includes all codetriggered upgrades for ADA, lifesafety & MEP systems. Code triggered items (due primarily to the age of the bldgs.) include:

·   Renovation of bathrooms to meet ADA requirements

·   (triggered by damage to walls & partitions)

·   Exterior doors

·   (current (damaged) doors are 30” requirements are 36”)

·   Additional (New) restroom facilities

·   (I.A. Building has no restrooms, gym does not have enough fixtures to

·   support public events)

·   Life Safety Items - (Main building has no smoke detectors, gymnasium/cafeteria, industrial arts, and field house does not have fire sprinklers systems)

·   HVAC -(Much of the damaged HVAC system is not sufficient to meet fresh air makeup requirements)

·         Basically a “new” fully code compliant school

·         Least risk of future system failures

·         Transfers LDEQ risk to contractor

·         Highest cost – least risk on cost share

·         School would be completed December 2013

·         Accelerating the schedule would add approximately 50% to the estimated

·         cost, and work would still not likely be completed by the fall semester

·         Any acceleration in schedule carries a FEMA funding risk

·         Highest Risk for Facility and Funding


Option 2 – Partial Renovation

·         Would include only partial interior wall replacement, some exterior doors,

·         electrical & HVAC repairs, new ceiling tiles and mold remediation in

·         accessible areas

·         Highest risk of eventual system failures

·         Highest risk of failing LDEQ tests (contractor will not be responsible)

·         While attempts would be made to avoid code triggers, there is no guarantee

·         that regulating agencies (Fire Marshall, Etc.) would not still require upgrades

·         FEMA will not fund additional health, local code officials repairs once school

·         is open

·          Possibility that school would still not open in fall 2013 due to unforeseen

·         issues such as inspection failures and/or triggered code upgrades

·         Shortest timeline & likely least cost

·         No FEMA funding in place to proceed with either option


3. Permanent Repairs Lake Pontchartrain Elementary (LPE)


·         Replacement Estimate Submitted to GOHSEP (State) 1/10/13

·         Joint FEMA/GOHSEP Meeting to Submit Grant Package 1/11/13

·         50% Calculation (Pending FEMA review) is (Approximately) 70.00%

·         Scanning and archival of student records will be funded in future FEMA grant


4. Temporary Facility for Lake Pontchartrain Elementary (LPE)


·         As current LGA temporary campus may not be available for LPE students in the Fall of 2013, CSRS is exploring temporary facility options

·         Existing property north of ESJES is probable best location

·         Temporary campus for 600 students would consist of:

·   17 double wide classroom trailers

·   1 divided administration trailer

·   Cafeteria to shared facilities

·   4 restroom trailers

·   Walkways, ramps, canopies & teacher parking

·         Assumes sharing of existing playground, library & food prep

·         Could be ready for fall 2013 semester

·         $1.95M estimated cost

·         Biggest Risk (FEMA may resist funding because students have been absorbed into existing campuses)


Following discussion, Mr. Wise asked administration to give a verbal recommendation on the temporary campus of Lake Pontchartrain Elementary at the next meeting.  Mr. Burl asked if the temp campus could be located at the Lake Pontchartrain site on Hwy. 51.  Mr. LaCourse stated that, although it is possible, it would require additional trailers because they would have to include a cafeteria, kitchen and library.  This would drive up the cost and FEMA would not participate in the funding when there was a site that these common areas could be shared.


ITEM 4.  Other Items of Interest.


Mr. Sanders stated that he recently learned that the state department tested students at East St. John High to gauge the effects of the hurricane and the relocation in relation to academics.  He stated that there have been no increases or decreases when compared to last year’s scores at this time of the year.  Mr. Sanders asked that the superintendent give a report on academics at the next meeting.


ITEM 9.  Adjournment.  The agenda having been completed, and there being no further business, Mrs. DeFrancesch offered a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Bacas. There were no objections. The meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.


________________________________                                        ________________________________

Herbert Smith, Secretary                                                            Clarence Triche, President