The Chair called the meeting to order and read the following call:



             Parish of St. John the Baptist

             Dear Board Member:

             Upon call of the President, the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board will meet in regular session at Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria, 1600 Highway 44, Reserve, Louisiana, at 6:01 p.m. on Thursday, November 3, 2016.


An agenda for the meeting is attached.

Sincerely, s/Kevin R. George





The Chair called for the invocation, led by Rev. Nicholas, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by East St. John Elementary School Principal Stacy Bradford.




PRESENT:        Burl, Keller, Sanders, DeFrancesch, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

ABSENT:           Jack


There were 10 members present and 1 members absent.




ITEM 3a.  Meeting of October 13, 2016


MOTION BY:     Nicholas

SECOND BY:    Wallace

MOTION:  To approve the minutes from the meeting of October 13, 2016.

No objections.

The motion carried.

Roll Call:

10 Yeas – Burl, Keller, Sanders, DeFrancesch, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

1 Absent – Jack


ITEM 4.  SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT:  Mr. Kevin R. George, Superintendent


Superintendent George introduced Mr. Steve Vales, Supervisor of Transportation, and asked him to give the Board an update on the new GPS tracking software on our buses.


Mr. Vales reported that SJBP School buses have all been updated with the current software.  He stated that his department is in the “implementation” stage and and that it will be fully functional and frully implemented within the next 60 days.  He stated that this software gives us real-time information regarding where the buses are, speed, mileage, actual-to-schedule stop records, etc.


Mr. Jack arrived at 6:07 p. m. and was recorded as present.




ITEM 5a.  Mr. Kevin George – Student Recognition – Perfect Scores on LEAP/EOC and 30+ on ACT


Mr. George introduced Dr. Juanita Hill, who presented the following awards to our “Best and Brightest” students:


St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools

Student Recognition for Excelling on Statewide Assessments

2015-2016 School Year


Student Name


Assessment Subject Area


Grade 2015-16

Ava Davis

Lake Pontchartrain Elementary

LEAP Science

Perfect 500

4th Grade

Athena Martin

LaPlace Elementary


Perfect 850

4th Grade

Olivia Reeves

John L. Ory Magnet


Perfect 850

4th Grade

Emani Payne

Fifth Ward Elementary


Perfect 850

5th Grade

Emani Payne

Fifth Ward Elementary

LEAP Science

Perfect 500

5th Grade

Joshua Gilliam

East St. John High

EOC Biology

Perfect 800

10th Grade

Brian Price

East St. John High

EOC Geometry

Perfect 800

10th Grade

Devin DiMaggio

East St. John High

ACT Composite


12th Grade

Ashley Tolbert

East St. John High

ACT Composite


12th Grade




ITEM 6a.  Ms. Page Eschette – Request Approval of Revised Job Description – Coordinator of Custodial/Maintenance


MOTION BY:     Sanders

SECOND BY:    Triche

MOTION: To approve Revised Job Description:  Coordinator of Custodial/Maintenance.

Upon Roll Call, there were:

11 Yeas – Jack, Burl, Keller, Sanders, DeFrancesch, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

0 Absent

The motion carried.


















JOB TITLE:                                                           Coordinator of Custodial / Maintenance

REPORTS TO/EVALUATED BY:                          Purchasing Agent Director

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:                                12 Months

SALARY RANGE:                                                 Coordinator Salary Schedule

SUPERVISES:                                                      Custodial and Maintenance Staff

SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITIES:                        To manage the operation, budget, and employees of the Maintenance and Custodial departments.


For individuals with a disability, hiring decisions will be based only on the individual's ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation.





1.     Coordinates functions of the maintenance and custodial departments.

2.     Maintains central file or blueprints and specifications.

3.     Plans and supervises the compilation of Asbestos Managements Plan; asbestos mitigation and abatement activities, DEQ activities, master meter activities and environmental issues and regulations.

4.     Must possess or obtain in 6 months a Government Employee pesticide Applicator Certification from the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

5.     Verifies all buildings are in compliance with Louisiana State Fire Marshall regulations, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals regulations and all other life safety systems.  Takes immediate action to resolve, correct, and repair violations cited on DHH and SFM inspection reports.

6.     Complies with state and local Back Flow Preventer rules and regulations.

7.     On a daily basis, issues work orders to the maintenance staff, supports the completion of work orders in a timely fashion, verifies work orders are complete with field visits, assesses the quality of work performed and makes corrections when necessary.

8.     Supervises and evaluates maintenance and janitorial employees with input from site administrators, including recommending the employment of new personnel, scheduling and prioritizing work to be done, approving leave requests, evaluating job performance, including discipline and recommendations for discharge.

9.     Inspects all buildings and grounds on a regular basis and evaluates them to insure safety, cleanliness, preventive maintenance, and energy conservation.

10.  Prepares periodic written reports of accomplished work for the Superintendent.

11.  Prepares and monitors the maintenance budget, maintaining cost of repairs and materials / tools in compliance with budgetary and purchasing regulations.

12.  Ensures that workers are supplied with tools, materials and equipment for competition or renovation and repairs projects in the most efficient and safe manner.

13.  Prepares a comprehensive, district wide preventive maintenance plan for all buildings, building systems and components, and playground equipment, executes the plan and provides status reports on a quarterly basis or as requested.

14.  Takes an active lead in providing continuous training and professional development to the maintenance and custodial staff.

15.  Develops and maintains a comprehensive list of all building components and systems, containing but not limited to:  component/system make and model number or description, purchase date, repair history, remaining useful life, and estimated replacement date.

16.  Develops a system for dealing with emergency repair problems with efficiency.

17.  Maintains control of all supplies and equipment used in the maintenance and janitorial departments.

18.  Assures completion of preventive maintenance, casualty prevention, and corrective maintenance tasks each month.

19.  Monitors the time records, absences, work orders and status of assigned jobs of all personnel assigned to supervise.

20.  Works cooperatively with administrators and co-workers.

21.  Dresses appropriately for the job.

22.  Participates in meetings as needed.

23.  Adheres to Board policies and administrative rules and regulations.

24.  Displays proper respect for superiors.

25.  Observes professional lines of communication at all times.

26.  Maintains confidentiality of records.

27.  Serves as an acceptable role model for students, demonstrates personal and intellectual honesty and respects the rights of others.

28.  Makes use of constructive criticism and avoids use of sarcasm, undue criticism, inappropriate language and behavior, and use of racial and/or ethnic slurs when dealing with others.

29.  Performs any other job-related duties assigned by the designated supervisor.




Duties may be both inside and outside.  The employee can be exposed to temperature variations of hot or cold.  Surfaces can be wet, slippery and of a variety of inclines and heights.  May sometimes work evenings, nights, weekends and holidays as required by job responsibilities.



1) Communicate in standard English both orally and in writing; 2) have ability to accurately give and receive information via tele-communication systems; 3) communicate successfully and pleasantly; 4) accurately compile and access data, summarize information, interpret plans, and provide written and oral reports; 5) Math skills are necessary in purchasing, time keeping, mileage, scheduling, and development / interpretation of construction and repair projects.



Telephone, typewriter, various office machines, computer equipment, micro-computer, facsimile machine, calculator, copy machine, printers, folding machines, intercom, public address system, security alarm system, two-way radio, communication equipment, and other appropriate office machines.  Must be familiar with all tools and equipment used in the maintenance and custodial departments.



Must possess the physical skills and stamina to perform job responsibilities, including, but not limited to sitting, standing, walking, lifting, carrying, climbing, and digging.



Understand and interpret instructions, construction plans, environmental and efficiency reports, and state and federal regulations. Communicates effectively orally and in writing with school system employees, contractors, and other resources.  Must be able to conduct personnel in-service training.




1) Conducts activities in group setting maintaining an objective attitude, decorum and diplomacy, tact, and discretion; 2) serves as a resource to the Board, Superintendent, administrators and employees; 3) responds positively to supervision and accepts suggestions for improvement.



High school diploma and five (5) years experience in construction, maintenance, quality control, janitorial services/supplies, and state and local regulations.



Bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction, architecture, or industrial arts, or military background, with experience in supervision of maintenance and janitorial services.




APPROVED: ______________________________________ DATE: _________________




REVIEWED AND AGREED TO: _______________________ DATE: ________________




Revised November 2013

Revised January 2014

Revised November 2016






ITEM 7a.  Ms. Monica Jackson – Health Insurance Renewal


Ms. Jackson stated that the health insurance renewal with Blue Cross/Blue Shield will result in a 1.6% increase after several years of no increase.  The insurance committee is recommending approval.


MOTION BY:     DeFrancesch

SECOND BY:  Sanders

MOTION: To renew the current Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance.

Upon Roll Call, there were:

11 Yeas – Jack, Burl, Keller, Sanders, DeFrancesch, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

0 Absent

The motion carried.


ITEM 7b.  Mr. Peter Montz – Recommendation on public bids for the renovation/additions to East St. John Elementary School


MOTION BY:     Wise

SECOND BY:    Keller

MOTION: To accept Pintail Contracting Services, LLC as the responsible low-bidder at a total cost of $8,725,000 including Add Alternate 1 (refurbish building F) and Add Alternate 2 (replace damaged concrete on circular drive).


Following discussion, there was a



SECOND BY:    Nicholas

MOTION:  To table this item.


Mr. Burl explained that he would like to table this item in an effort gain more information regarding the total budget/costs of this design.


Mr. Jeff Lemoine, Pintail Contractors, LLC was present and introduced himself to the board.  He stated that every effort would be made to comply with the DBE policy.


At this point, Mr. Nicholas withdrew his second for the substitute motion.


Mr. Wise called for question.  Upon roll call on the call for question, there were:


10 Yeas – Burl, Keller, Sanders, DeFrancesch, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

0 Absent

1 Abstention - Jack

The motion carried and discussion on this item ended.


Upon roll call on the original motion to accept Pintail Contracting Services, LLC as the responsible low-bidder at a total cost of $8,725,000 including Add Alternate 1 (refurbish building F) and Add Alternate 2 (replace damaged concrete on circular drive), there were:


10 Yeas – Jack, Keller, Sanders, DeFrancesch, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

1 Nays  - Burl

0 Absent

The motion carried.


Mr. Jeff Lemoine, Pintail Contractors, LLC was present and introduced himself to the board.  He stated that every effort would be made to comply with the DBE policy.




Ms. Page Eschette – Request Approval  Revised Policy:  KM – Visitors to Schools


MOTION BY:     Wise

SECOND BY:    Nicholas

MOTION: To approve Revised Policy:  KM – Visitors to Schools, as presented.

Upon Roll Call, there were:

11 Yeas – Jack, Burl, Keller, Sanders, DeFrancesch, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

0 Absent

The motion carried.







The St. John the Baptist Parish School Board welcomes and encourages parents and other school patrons to visit the schools at appropriate times; in fact, special programs and visiting days may be planned throughout each school year to provide opportunity for such visits.


Principals shall be responsible for establishing procedures that ensure the proper protection of instructional time and the welfare of the students and employees.  In accordance with state law, no person is allowed on school grounds or in school buildings or facilities without authorization from the appropriate school official.  Therefore, all visitors shall report to the principal's office immediately upon coming onto school grounds for their visit.  Office personnel, principal, counselor, etc., shall be made aware of the purpose of the visit.  If at all possible, all visits should be pre-arranged.  Principals are authorized to take the necessary steps in dealing with unauthorized visitors.


The St. John the Baptist Parish School Board has established a uniform visitor screening and access control protocol with required procedures that all schools shall implement.  This protocol has been established to provide the safest possible environment for the students and staff of St. John the Baptist Parish public schools and to facilitate visits by parents, community members, and all other members of the general public.


1.          Anyone who is not a staff member, member of the Executive Staff, member of the St. John Parish the Baptist School Board, or student of the school shall be termed a “visitor”.


2.          Regular volunteers, as determined by the principal, shall be issued a permanent I.D. to be used at the school.  Additionally, they shall sign in on the visitors’ log.


3.          All visitors shall enter through the main entrance and check-in at the reception desk.  Uniform and appropriate signage directing visitors to this location shall be prominently displayed.  Sign-in and sign-out procedures shall be as follows:


A.          All visitors, except for badge-carrying School District staff, shall check-in at the reception desk.  Badge-carrying School District staff shall sign-in on uniform School District sign-in log.


B.          Visitors shall produce a photo ID that shall be processed through the electronic visitor management system and shall also be used by the receptionist to verify information provided by the visitor.  If a photo ID is not available, then an authorized school staff member must approve the visit before the person is allowed to proceed to his/her destination.  Once an authorized staff member approves the visit, then the visitor shall provide the following information:  first name, last name, and date of birth to receive the appropriate visitor badge.


C.         The authorized visitor’s badge shall be displayed visibly on the upper left chest of the at all times.


D.         If a person is new to the school or unsure of the room location, a staff member may accompany the visitor to the destination/location or give them a map with the destination/location highlighted.


E.          Visitors shall be expected to be appropriately dressed, unimpaired by drugs or alcohol, and display respect for activities in progress at the school.  All minors shall be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Unaccompanied minors shall not be permitted to enter the building or remain on school grounds.  If any issues arise, the receptionist should seek administrative assistance. 


F.          Classroom visits shall be approved in advance by the principal or his/her designee and classroom teacher.  Visitors shall not be permitted to remove students from the classrooms or other school activities without the direct permission of the legal guardian of the student and/or an authorized school staff member.


G.         Visitors shall be prohibited from entering any destination other than the destination designated on the visitor’s badge.  If further assistance is needed, the visitor shall report back to the reception desk.


H.         Each visitor shall report to the reception desk in the main office after completing his/her visit to return their visitor’s badge and leave the school.


 I.          All staff members shall be expected to know the procedures and be vigilant in helping enforce the uniform visitor screening and access control protocol.


(1)         Staff members shall question any visitor without a badge and ask him/her to check in with the main office before proceeding to the intended destination.


(2)         If there are any concerns or discrepancies with the information on the badge and/or the visitor’s location, the staff member shall escort the visitor to his/her intended destination or back to the reception desk at the main entrance.


(3).        If a visitor is reluctant to comply, the staff member shall seek administrative assistance.


(4).        Staff members shall remind all visitors to return their badges at the conclusion of their visit.

4.          Visitors in violation of these procedures or whose conduct jeopardizes the safety of students and/or staff, interferes with programs in the school, or endangers property shall be subject to immediate removal from the school by order of the principal or his/her designee and possible arrest.   Repeated violations may lead to a suspension or termination of a visitor’s privilege to visit the campus. 


 5.         The following protocol shall be used for large group events during regular school hours:


A.          Schools shall provide a central location for visitor sign-in.  Multiple stations with additional staffing may be needed to expedite the visitor sign-in protocol.


B.          Schools shall provide additional directional signage to indicate the location of the sign-in station(s).


C.         If a parent wishes to sign-out a student, he/she must follow established procedures set up by the school.


 6.         The following protocol shall be used for delivery personnel:


A.          Delivery personnel who conduct business in the reception area of the main office and remain in clear view of the receptionist shall not be required to sign-in/sign-out.


B.          Delivery personnel who go to destinations/locations beyond the confines of the main office shall follow the protocol established for visitors.


C.         Delivery personnel who enter through the cafeteria shall sign-in and sign-out on a school provided log sheet.


The School Board, in accordance with state law, shall authorize principals, school administrators, and/or school security guards, to search the person, and any item in the possession of a person who is not a student enrolled in school or any school employee, while in or on any school property.  The search may be conducted at random with a metal detector, or physically when there is reasonable suspicion that such person has any weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, stolen goods, or other materials which violate federal or state law or School Board policy.


Revised:  December, 1991                                   Revised:  September, 2016

Revised:  October, 1994



Ref:      La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ''17:416.6, 17:416.10.





ITEM 9a.  Mr. Keith Jones – Introduction of 2017 School Board Meeting Calendar


Mr. Jones stated that this item was for introduction only.


St. John the Baptist Parish

School Board Meeting Dates

January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017





January 12, 2017

6:00 p.m.

West St. John Elementary

February 23, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

March 16, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

April 6, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

April 20, 2017

6:00 p.m.

LaPlace Elementary School

May 11, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

May 25, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

June 15, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

July 13, 2017

6:00 p.m.

West St. John Elementary

August 17, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Emily C. Watkins Elementary

September 21, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

October 19, 2017

6:00 p.m

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

November 16, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

December 14, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Emily C. Watkins Elementary



ITEM 9b.  Mr. Albert (Ali) Burl – Adopt Resolution on seeking Attorney General Opinion regarding the legality of a PILOT agreement.


Mr. Burl requested that this item be pulled from the agenda and not addressed.




Mr. George recognized several administrators that were in the audience and thanked them for attending the meeting:  Mr. Claude Hill, Principal WSJHS; Mr. Stacy Bradford, Principal ESJES; and Patty Forsythe, Principal LES.


Mr. Sanders asked the status of Panther Drive repair.  Mr. Montz stated that Councilwoman Hotard had recently discovered that this road actually is owned by the parish and will push to have the repairs done.


Dr. Keller asked that the ditch between the School Board parking lot and Marmillian Loop be cut and cleaned up (lots of trash).


Mr. Jack asked that an update on Kelly Services be given and also thanked administration and Mr. Claude Hill for allowing the retired teachers to meet at  West St. John High School.  Mr. Jack also thanked Ms. Roybiskie for donating the gumbo to the Board.




ITEM 12.  ADJOURNMENT - The agenda having been completed, and there being no further business, there was a

MOTION BY:     Nicholas

SECOND BY:    Johnson

MOTION:           Motion for adjournment.

There were no objections.

The meeting adjourned at 7:06 p.m.



________________________________                                        ________________________________

Kevin R. George, Secretary                                                            Keith Jones, President