The Chair called the meeting to order and read the following call:



            Parish of St. John the Baptist

            Dear Board Member:

            Upon call of the President, the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board will meet

in regular session at Emily C. Watkins Elementary School, 938 La. Hwy. 628, LaPlace, Louisiana, at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 8, 2016.


An agenda for the meeting is attached.

Sincerely, s/Kevin R. George





The Chair called for the invocation, led by Rev. Nicholas, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Ms. Nia Mitchell.





PRESENT:        Burl, Keller, DeFrancesch, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

ABSENT:          Jack, Sanders, Johnson, Wise


There were 7 members present and 4 members absent.




ITEM 3a.  Meeting of November 3, 2016 and December 5, 2016


MOTION BY:    Nicholas

SECOND BY:    Wallace

MOTION:  To approve the minutes from the meeting of November 3, 2016 and December 5, 2016.

No objections.

The motion carried.

Roll Call:

7 Yeas – Burl, Keller, DeFrancesch, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

4 Absent – Jack, Sanders, Johnson, Wise


ITEM 4.  SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT:  Mr. Kevin R. George, Superintendent


Ms. Iona Holloway introduced the following new officers of SJAE:

Dawn Champagne – President

Jones – Treasurer

Harper - Secretary


Superintendent George asked Mrs. Iona Holloway remain at the microphone and presented her with a plaque in recognition of her retirement and service to the district.


ITEM 4a.  Dr. Chuck Carr Brown – Louisiana DEQ


Dr. Brown stated that he was addressing the board regarding the neoprene/chloroprene emissions at the Denka site.  He stated that first and foremost, there is no reason for panic.  He stated that the EPA has not established a “standard” at this point, however, he has been working closely with the officials at Denka and, at this point, Denka is voluntarily making changes to reduce the emissions by 85%.  Dr. Brown stated that he feels certain that in 30-60 days, the “spikes” in the readings will be reduced greatly.  He committed to keeping in touch with the School Board  and to continue bringing the facts to the Board regarding the Denka emissions.


ITEM 4b.  Ms. Heidi Trosclair – District & School Performance Scores; SJBP College Statistics


Ms. Trosclair shared the following information:


St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District Retains B Letter Grade for Second Year


District Performance Score:

Ø  We retained our B letter grade for the second consecutive year

Ø  We’re the only district in the state to attain a B rating while serving a student population where at least 82 percent are classified as economically disadvantaged.

Ø  Our biggest gain in a subcomponent was our ACT Assessment Index, which rose 17.4 points from last year. The index awards points to districts when students score 18 or above on the ACT and a Silver Level or above on WorkKeys.

Ø  We earned the maximum of 10 Progress Points, which are awarded to districts that make a significant difference in improving the scores of students who previously Approaching Basic or Unsatisfactory.


School Performance Scores:

Ø  Five schools increased their SPS:   ESJE, ESJH, WSJE, JLO, and GMMS.

Ø  East St. John Elementary School showed the most growth among schools in the district, increasing its school performance score by 9.5 points. Garyville-Mt. Airy Math and Science Magnet School followed close behind, improving 9.3 points.

Ø  John L. Ory Communication Arts Magnet School maintained its A grade for a fifth consecutive year, increasing its score even further by 2.8 points to a 103.7.

Ø  School Report Cards have changed slightly; even though schools still get 100 index points for Basic, the report cards show “On Track” as Mastery and Above.

Ø  School Leadership Teams received LEAP/EOC results since the summer and have been working all semester to improve their SPS:

Ø  Identifying student weaknesses and gaps from the data and providing interventions.

Ø  Working with teachers to improve instruction through Data Teams and Professional Learning Communitites.

Ø  Participating in Instructional Rounds lead by the District Curriculum Team to identify and improve a “problem of practice.”

Ø  Shifting of some administrators by Superintendent and of teachers by Principals to better serve our students.


ITEM 4c.  Mrs. Patricia Triche – Terence Learning Center


Mrs. Triche recognized Ms. Valencia Green of Terence Learning Center.




ITEM 5a.  Mr. Kevin George – Christmas Card Winners


Mr. George presented plaques to this year’s winners of the Christmas Card Contest:


1st -4th Grade Category: Kenyin Keller

LaPlace Elementary School

4th Grade


5th-8th Grade Category:  Jayci Bernard

John L. Ory Magnet School

7th Grade


9th-12th Grade Category: Jaselin Bonilla

East St. John High School

12th Grade


ITEM 5b.  Mrs. Erica Merrick – United Way


Mrs. Merrick presented Mr. John Olynick with a plaque.  St. John School District raised $12,304 for United Way and the top 3 schools were recognized:  West St. John Elementary, LaPlace Elementary School and West St. John High School.


ITEM 5c.  Mr. Keith Jones - Jarrius “JJ” Robertson – “It Takes Lives to Save Lives”


Mr. Jones presented a plaque to Jarrius Robertson’s dad, as “JJ” was not feeling well in recognition of his “It Takes Lives to Save Lives” campaign.


ITEM 5d.  Dr. Stacey Spies recognized both Courtni Becnel and Bernetta Ambres for receiving grants of $10,000 and $1,000 respectively.




ITEM 6a.  Ms. Page Eschette – Introduction of New Job Description – TAP Master Teacher







JOB TITLE:                                           TAP Master Teacher

REPORTS TO/EVALUATED BY:            Professional Development Coordinator & Principal and Principal Designee

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:                  9 Months, with annual review

SALARY RANGE:                                  Teacher Schedule and Supplemental Funding Source:

Teacher Incentive Fund Federal Grant

SCOPE OF RESPONSIBLITIES:            To support the implementation of the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) as a district and school improvement model that will drive fundamental changes in classroom teaching of regular education and special education teachers.  To provide regular education and special education teachers with high quality job embedded professional development and support that is rigorous, intentional, and aligned with academic expectations and core content that meet individual learning needs of all students, including students with disabilities in their least restricted environment.


For individuals with a disability, hiring decisions will be based on the individual’s ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation.




The master teacher assumes an active role as a member of the school leadership team that drives fundamental changes in teaching and learning that promotes student achievement and accomplishes the district and school’s mission.

1.     Analyzes student instructional data to identify school/teacher/student learning goals.

2.     Develops long-range cluster plans, weekly cluster group meeting records and activities with other members of the leadership team and implements activities that support school improvement plan (SIP).

3.     Develops and implements and monitors the School Improvement Plan (SIP)/school academic achievement plan.

4.     Monitors goal setting, activities, classroom follow-up and goal attainment for cluster groups, individual teacher growth plans, and student growth targets. 

5.     Assists in creating partnerships with parents/caregivers and communities by providing clear and timely information regarding school/student expectations and ways that they can help schools achieve their school performance growth targets.

6.     Conducts classroom observations/evaluations and conferences with the regular education teachers and special education teachers.

7.     The TAP master teacher takes an active role in assisting the instructional staff (regular education and special education teachers) with the content and process of providing learning experiences for students, including students with disabilities.

8.     Uses student instructional data to provide appropriate instruction, interventions, and remediation for students.

9.     Provides high quality professional development and training to regular and special education teachers that are rigorous, intentional, and aligned with academic expectations and core content.

10.  Conducts appropriate field testing of strategies/interventions before presenting to regular and special education teachers.

11.  Leads weekly cluster meetings for regular and special education teachers on proven strategies and interventions to meet the individual needs of students. 

12.  Provides appropriate follow-up in the classroom.

13.  Oversees groups of regular and special education teachers (clusters) in developing goals, providing instructional interventions with proven results, facilitating teacher proficiency with new strategies through classroom-based follow up, and ensuring that the progress of teacher skill development is aligned with changing student learning needs.

14.  Provides support in the form of observation/feedback, model teaching, demonstration lessons and/or team teaching following cluster learning.

15.  The TAP master teacher engages in growth opportunities and creates and sustains partnerships with families, colleagues, and communities to accomplish the school’s mission.  

16.  Engages in self-refection and growth opportunities to enhance individual skills and knowledge needed to support high levels of learning for teachers and students. 

17.  Functions professionally and harmoniously with parents, school personnel, and students.

18.  Serves on task force and decision- making committees when appropriate.

19.  Fulfill the requirements as outlined and governed by state and federally funded grants.

20.  Maintains accurate, complete, correct records, and submits on time to the appropriate personnel when requested as required

21.  Provides for communication with students and parents outside the instructional day as determined by administrative policy.

22.  Performs class and duty assignments dependably and punctually.

23.  Accepts constructive criticism as an evaluative element of professional and instructional improvement.

24.  Exhibits loyalty and maintains a positive attitude in the promotion of the school/system’s goals.

25.  Uses grammatically correct written and spoken language.

26.  Follows the rules and regulations of the St. John Parish School Board.

27.  Notifies the principal promptly in case of absence, and communicates in advance the date of return so that proper provisions can be made.

28.  Knows and follows the district’s adopted Code of Discipline.

29.  Maintains neat, accurate, current and complete records and reports Attends school regularly and arrives punctually.

30.  Displays proper respect for superiors.

31.  Maintains the confidentiality of teacher observations.

32.  Serves as an acceptable model for students, demonstrates personal and intellectual honesty and respects the rights of others.

33.  Makes use of constructive criticism and avoids use of sarcasm, undue criticism, inappropriate language and behavior, and use of racial and/or ethnic slurs when dealing with others.

34.  Accepts other duties as may be assigned which are related to the scope of the job.



The TAP Master Teacher is required to:  1) work in an office type setting, climate controlled environment adhering to school board energy policy; 2) sometimes work evenings, weekends, and holidays as required by job responsibilities and supervisors; 3) often visit schools and attend meetings in various locations locally and outside the parish.



The TAP Master Teacher must be able to:  1) communicate in English both orally and in writing; 2) have ability to accurately give and receive information via telecommunication system; 3) communicate successfully and pleasantly with the public; 4) accurately compile data, summarize information and provide written reports to supervisor; 5) have ability to represent school system at various public functions.



Sitting is required most of each work day.  Must be able to operate office equipment.  Standing, walking, reaching, bending, lifting up to 10-50 pounds is sometimes required.  Ability to provide own transportation to schools, work locations, and meeting sites.  Mobility skills necessary to access a variety of work locations.



The TAP Master Teacher must:  1) understand and interpret written and verbal instructions from supervisor; 2) must be able to work independently with minimal supervision;  3) have ability to manage, direct, supervise and evaluate staff; and  4) comply with federal, state, and parish regulations.



The TAP Master Teacher must be:  1) able to work compatibly in group settings;  2) able to respond positively to supervision and to accept suggestions for improvement;  3) able to use resourcefulness, tact, and sensitivity in meeting and assisting persons who make inquiries about federal and state programs as well as work positively with other departments.



Education/Certification – Master’s degree or Type A/ Level 3 preferred or 10 years teaching experience with a Louisiana teaching certificate.



Five years of successful professional      experience. Preferred experience in the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) and/or National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) best practices with an emphasis on group facilitation, planning, problem solving coaching, and other leadership proficiencies.








ITEM 7a.  Mr. Peter Montz – Request Board approval to solicit Proposals for Property Insurance


MOTION BY:    Nicholas

SECOND BY:  Triche

MOTION: To allow administration to solicit proposals for property insurance.

No objections.

The motion carried.

Roll Call:

7 Yeas – Burl, Keller, DeFrancesch, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

4 Absent – Jack, Sanders, Johnson, Wise


ITEM 7b.  Mr. Peter Montz – Extend the Disaster Management Recovery Service contract and Architect and Engineering contract


MOTION BY:    Burl

SECOND BY:    Nicholas

MOTION: To table.

No objections.

The motion carried.

Roll Call:

6 Yeas – Burl, Keller, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

4 Absent – Jack, Sanders, Johnson, Wise

Mrs. DeFrancesch was not seated.





ITEM 8a.  Mr. Keith Jones – Request Approval of 2017 School Board Meeting Calendar


MOTION BY:Nicholas

SECOND BY:    Wallace

MOTION: To approve the 2017 School Board Meeting Calendar as presented.

No objections.

The motion carried.

Roll Call:

7 Yeas – Burl, Keller, DeFrancesch, Wallace, Nicholas, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

4 Absent – Jack, Sanders, Johnson, Wise




St. John the Baptist Parish

School Board Meeting Dates

January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017





January 12, 2017

6:00 p.m.

West St. John Elementary

February 23, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

March 16, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

April 6, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

April 20, 2017

6:00 p.m.

LaPlace Elementary School

May 11, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

May 25, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

June 15, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

July 13, 2017

6:00 p.m.

West St. John Elementary

August 17, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Emily C. Watkins Elementary

September 21, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

October 19, 2017

6:00 p.m

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

November 16, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria

December 14, 2017

6:00 p.m.

Emily C. Watkins Elementary







ITEM 9a.  Mrs. Patricia Triche – Public Comment – Coordinated Funding Request 2016


Mrs. Triche requested that the President open the floor for discussion on this item.  President Jones opened the floor for discussion on the Coordinated Funding Request 2016.  There was no discussion.


ITEM 9b.  Mrs. Patricia Triche – Informational:  Board Reports:  Monthly Program Information (August 2016), Monthly Budget Summary (August 2016); Annual Report to the Public (October 2016)


Mrs. Triche provided the board with the above-named reports.




ITEM 10a.  Rev. Rodney Nicholas – Board Address and Closing Remarks


Rev. Nicholas addressed each Board member personally in his farewell remarks.


ITEM 10b.  Board presentation to Rev. Rodney Nicholas


Mr. George presented Rev. Nicholas with a plaque commemorating his 6 years on the Board.


ITEM 10c.  Mr. Keith Jones, Board President – Declaration of Vacancy and Appointment of School Board District 10 Vacancy


MOTION BY: Wallace

SECOND BY:    DeFrancesh

MOTION: To declare School Board District 10 Vacancy and to appoint Ms. Nia Mitchell to fill the School Board District 10 Vacancy

No objections.

The motion carried.

Roll Call:

6 Yeas – Burl, Keller, DeFrancesch, Wallace, Triche, Jones

0 Nays

4 Absent – Jack, Sanders, Johnson, Wise


Ms. Nia Mitchell introduced herself to the Board.





ITEM 12.  ADJOURNMENT - The agenda having been completed, and there being no further business, there was a

MOTION BY:    DeFrancesch

SECOND BY:    Wallace

MOTION:          Motion for adjournment.

There were no objections.

The meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m.




________________________________                                     ________________________________

Kevin R. George, Secretary                                                       Keith Jones, President