The Chair called the meeting to order and read the following call:



Parish of St. John the Baptist


Dear Board Member:


Upon call of the President, the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board will meet in regular session at Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria,  1600 Hwy. 44, Reserve, LA  at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 126, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.


An agenda for the meeting is attached.


Sincerely, s/Kevin R. George





The Chair called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  He called for a moment of silent meditation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by student Thomas Gross III.




PRESENT:       Holden, Keller, Sanders, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Triche, Burl

ABSENT:          DeFrancesch, Jones, Mitchell


There were 8 members present and 3 members absent.


ITEM 3a.APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Meeting of April 12, 2018.


MOTION BY:    Triche

SECOND BY:   Keller

MOTION:  To approve the minutes from the meetings of April 12, 2018.

No objections.

The motion carried.

Roll Call:

8 Yeas - Holden, Keller, Sanders, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Triche, Burl

3 Absent – DeFrancesch, Jones, Mitchell


ITEM 4. SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT. Mr. Kevin R. George, Superintendent.


Mr. George introduced 3 of the 4 new principals for next year:  Mrs. Monica Brown, John L. Ory; Ms. Zina Jones, LaPlace Elementary; and Mr. Christopher Mayes, East St. John High School.  Each addressed the Board and public.


Mr. George then introduced the new Athletic Director at East St. John High School, Mr. Brandon Brown.  He addressed the Board and public.


Mr. Keith Jones arrived at 6:09 p.m. and was recorded as present.


Mr. George announced that the 2nd Annual Job Fair for St. john the Baptist Parish Public Schools will take place this Saturday, 9 a.m., at ESJHS.


Mr. George announced that there will be a parent meeting next Tuesday, May 1st at the ESJHS Media Center regarding the dual enrollment at River Parish Community College in Reserve.


ITEM 4a.  Mr. Courtney Joiner – Update on Louisiana Premier Charter School Contract


Mr. Joiner stated that both parties have agreed to the contract terms and there are only 2 sticking points that must be agreed upon before the charter school contract could be signed:  grade configuration and the maximum number of students per grade level. He advised the Board that even if the contract was signed tomorrow, the chance of opening August of 2018 is very minimal.  Once the contract is signed, it must be sent to the federal court system for approval (due to the consent decree), but before that happens, they will seek a stamp of approval from the NAACP LDF and the Dept. of Justice.  Mr. Joiner stated that his office would advise the Board to sign a contract (once finalized) with an anticipated opening for the 2019-20 school year.


ITEM 4b.   Mr. Kevin R. George – Magnet Program Update


Mr. Perry stated that he was very excited to be a part of the opening of the Magnet Program.  Applications closed last Friday and he and his team have been busy conducting interviews and making recommendations for faculty.  The district has added the “Principal Recommendation” to the entrance criteria, meaning each principal will be allowed to recommend a certain number of students for admittance.  These students are one that do not meet all the magnet criteria, but the principal feels as if they would benefit from and do well in the magnet program.




ITEM 5a.  Mrs. Patricia Triche – Child Development Center Board Reports:  Director’s Reports


Mrs. Triche presented the following reports:




ITEM 5b.  Mr. Paul Green – 2nd Annual St. John the Baptist Parish Aviation Awareness Day


Mr. Paul Green invited all to the 2nd Annual Aviation Awareness Day and stated that there were many new sponsors for this year, which will make this event even better than last year.  The event will take place on Saturday, May 5th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.




ITEM 6a.  Mrs. Mrs. Serina Duke – Introduction of New Job Descriptions:  Title III Coordinator and Food Service Manager II


This Item was for introduction only.










JOB TITLE:                                                                        Child Nutrition Manager II

REPORTS TO/EVALUATED BY:                                   Supervisor of Child Nutrition

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:                                           9 Month

SALARY RANGE:                                                            Child Nutrition Manager II Salary

SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITIES:                                    The Child Nutrition Manager II is responsible for the

                                                                                            supervision of the child nutrition operation at multiple

                                                                                     assigned campuses. The Manager II will run the daily 

                                                                                     operation of the cafeteria in compliance with SJTBP Child

                                                                                     Nutrition Guidelines, USDA, state, and local policies and

                                                                                     regulations; providing for high standards of nutrition, food

                                                                                     production, financial accountability, and customer service.


For individuals with a disability, hiring decisions will be based only on the individual's ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation.




1.      Manages multiple (2-3) assigned site operations with no assigned manager. Responsibilities to include:  supervise personnel, monitor meal accounts and expenditures, follow menus, oversee cleaning procedures, etc.; providing efficient food services at the assigned site in compliance with established nutritional and health requirements. Sites assignments to be determined by Child Nutrition Supervisor.


2.      Estimates food preparation amounts and adjusts planned menu items, for meeting projected meal requirements of various age groups (secondary, elementary, pre-k and head start).


3.      Oversees the preparation, cooking, and serving of food and beverage items for the purpose of meeting projected meal quantities and mandated nutritional and health standards and ensuring appealing presentation (flavor, appearance and temperature for the purpose of presenting items that will be accepted by students and/or staff according to guidelines)


4.      Participates in staff meetings, in-service training, workshops, etc. for the purpose of gathering information required to perform job functions, such as updates required to be in compliance with all USDA and local policies and procedures.


5.      Provide manager on-the-job training at base school, to NEW and upcoming Managers who have successfully completed Phase I, II and III and/or currently taking Phase I of Manager’s training courses.


6.      Analyzes data for assigned sites and provide written or conveying information to the appropriate individuals (child nutrition supervisor, field manager). Reports may include meal production records, reconciliation reports, cash summary, time sheets, HACCP, special diet orders, etc.


7.      Must be able to maximize the efficiency of the work force in meeting the daily shift requirements during an extreme shortage of workers due to absence and no available substitutes.


8.      Works cooperatively with various school principals to accommodate schedule changes and various meal service requests such as: Grab N Go Breakfast, At Risk Dinner and After School snacks. Child Nutrition Supervisor approval to be solicited.




1.           Implements and complies with all local, State, and Federal school food service and School Board policies and procedures.

2.           Accurately completes perpetual and/or physical inventories of foods, supplies and equipment according to schedule.

3.           Adjusts and follows standardized recipes and determines ingredient substitutions.

4.           Provides professional development training, on-the-job training and orientation, for new part-time and full-time school food service employees and other professional development training to veteran employees.

5.           Prepares and clarifies food production, individual work and cleaning schedules for the technicians in a timely manner.

6.           Follows centralized menus and plans for advance preparation such as allowing for proper thawing of food and best use of employee time.

7.           Determines when equipment needs repairs, contacts the appropriate person or department and follows through until equipment is again operational.

8.           Maintains past three years plus current year records and reports (SFS-6, 7, 7A, etc.) documenting foods used and numbers of meals served.  Submits information to Central Office by third five working days after the end of each month.

9.           Supervises technicians’ work habits to ensure that safety, sanitation and personal hygiene rules are followed.  Follows through promptly in the case of the on-the-job injuries and reports of unsafe working conditions.

10.        Displays proper respect for supervisors and works cooperatively with food services staff, teachers, parents and students. serves as an acceptable role model for students.

11.        Promotes school food service; plans and participates in nutrition education activities (National School Lunch Week, Louisiana School Lunch Week, Team Nutrition).

12.        Estimates and orders quantities of food and supplies as precisely as possible and according to planned menus.

13.        Supervises receiving and storage of all food and supplies, ensuring that orders are as specified according to bid and that prices are accurate.

14.        Supervises and evaluates the job performance of subordinates in accordance with local School Board support personnel evaluation plan.

15.        Utilizes food merchandising and marketing techniques such as garnishes, cafeteria serving counters and bulletin board decorations or arrangements.

16.        Accurately collects, counts, and secures monies prior to depositing daily or as otherwise directed by Central Office.

17.        Responds immediately to emergency call outs for kitchen and cafeteria area.

18.        Is observant of and properly disposes of poor quality food.

19.        Solves problems appropriately and makes independent decision when necessary.

20.        Adapts easily to changes in routine and readily accepts suggestions and/or constructive criticism and avoids use of sarcasm, undue criticism, inappropriate language and behavior, and use of racial and/or ethic slurs when dealing with others.

21.        Checks cooler and freezer temperatures every other day except weekends, even during summer vacation and holidays as scheduled by Director.

22.        Maintains acceptable cost control over food and supplies.

23.        Displays willingness to upgrade job knowledge and skills by attending and participating in job-related training and other professional activities, locally and/or statewide through membership in professional organizations.

24.        Participates in the interviewing and screening of job applicants.

25.        Notifies director promptly in case of absence and communicates in advance the date of return so that proper provisions can be made.

26.        Attends work regularly and arrives punctually.

27.        Displays proper respect for supervisors. (same as #10)

28.        Observes professional fines of communication at all times with individuals inside and outside the school system. (same as #10)

29.        Serves as an acceptable role model for students, demonstrates personal and intellectual honesty and respects the rights of others.

30.        Makes use of constructive criticism and avoids use of sarcasm, undue criticism, inappropriate language and behavior, and use of racial and/or ethnic slurs when dealing with others. (Same as #20)

31.        Accepts any and all other duties as may be assigned relating to the scope of the job.



Atmosphere may be warm and humid from cooking food and washing dishes.  May be exposed to sudden temperature changes when entering walk-in freezers and coolers.  Subject to burns from hot food and utensils and cuts from knives. Possibility of injuries from falls on slippery, hard floors. Safety awareness is necessary to prevent possibilities of injuries from falls on slippery, hard floors.  May be exposed to various solvents and other chemicals used in cleaning. Generally, the job requires 30% sitting, 70% walking and standing.



·        The Food Service Manager  Manager II must be able to: 1) calculate measurements and read recipes and other directions; 2) communicate in standard English, both orally and in writing; 3) accurately count , compile and analyze data; 4) must be able to summarize information and provide complete reports/forms and submit to appropriate departments by the designated due date, 5) comply with the state, parish and federal regulations that govern the Child Nutrition Program, and 6) have good aptitude for detail, 7) be a self-starter, flexible, adapts to change, performs duties with minimal direct supervision.



The Manager II must be able to operate/handle dishwashers, mixers, food slicers, convection ovens, steamers, heavy pots, pans, computers, etc. The Manager II must be proficient in use of all office machines (scanners, fax, copiers and computers).



The Manager II must be able to: 1) walk and stand intermittently throughout the day; 2) stoop, reach for and lift heavy objects; 3) lift and carry 25 pounds; 4) lift up to 100 pounds with assistance; 5) push and pull equipment such as food carts and mop buckets; and 6) provide own transportation to workshops and meeting sites and various other campuses assigned.



The Manager II must: 1) be alert at all times; 2) understand and interpret written and verbal instructions; 3) be familiar with basic principles of cookery and use of the equipment; 4) have good cognitive thinking; 5) possess sufficient interpersonal skills to function compatibly with others; 6) respond positively to supervision and accept suggestions for improvement; 7) possess the ability to share information with others; 8) work closely with all employees and students of multi-cultural background; 9) and have a willingness to learn and accept new challenges.



The Manager II must be able to: 1) work cooperatively with students, teachers, school personnel, co-workers, and all multi-cultural backgrounds.  2) respond positively to supervision and suggestions for improvement.



The Manager II must work 185 workdays, seven (7) hour days with ½ hour for lunch.  Early morning work hours are required.



Hair net and low-heeled shoes with closed toes are required. The Manager II is required to wear a clean uniform.  Hair nets for women and caps for men are required; lab coats are optional.  White, low-heeled, rubber sole shoes with closed toes are required.  No tennis shows are allowed. No jewelry is allowed other than a plain

wedding ring (no stones in wedding ring). Plain loop earrings for pierced ears may be worn.  No fake or artificial nails. No artificial eye lashes.



A minimum of one (1) five (5) year of successful school food service experience; possession of a high school diploma and/or equivalency; and successful completion of Louisiana School Food Service Manager Certification Program preferred. Will consider successful completion of Food Service Manager training course I, II, III (must be obtained within one-two years)



Strong organizational, communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills. Ability to organize, delegate, instruct, supervise, evaluate and coach personnel.



School food service experience.  Computer experience.



This job description describes the general purpose and responsibilities assigned and is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.






St. John Parish School System

Job Description


Job Title:                                             Title III Coordinator/ Compliance Monitor

Reports To:                                         Director of School Improvement/Federal Programs

Terms of Employment:                       12 months

Salary Range:                          Coordinator Salary Schedule                            

Scope of Responsibilities:                  Provides the support necessary to develop competencies within leaders and teachers to improve knowledge of Title III federal guidelines, Immigrant/EL content knowledge, data analysis to instructional alignment for Immigrant/EL students, as well as create cultures of collaboration focusing on results in order to ensure that all ESL students learn, and monitor non-public schools to ensure they are in compliance with ESSA guidelines.  



For individuals with a disability, hiring decisions will be based on the individual’s ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation.


Performance Responsibilities/ Essential Functions


1.      Coordinates the Immigrant Title III and Title III grant education program and budget expenditures.

2.      Identifies Immigrant/ EL students in the JCampus system for LDOE

3.      Understands federal regulations, state policy, and current issues as they pertain to Immigrant/ EL students and their families.

4.      Maintains and improves Immigrant/ EL sections of the district website

5.      Serves as a communication link between advocates, families, the school and the community regarding Immigrant/ EL programming.

6.      Analyzes and monitors EL/Immigrant student academic performance and assessment data at the district and school levels.

7.      Defines and models co-teaching, push- out and push- in support programs for Immigrant/ EL students as appropriate at the district and school level.

8.      Serves as a resource to school personnel in regular and summer school to enhance learning opportunities, provide technical assistance, and support short term supplemental instruction.

9.      Makes recommendations to immediate supervisor relative to the improvement of instruction and materials for Immigrant/EL students.

10.   Collaborates with the district EL teachers to align curriculum and professional development to meet the district goals outlined in the Title III grant education program.

11.   Conducts routine meetings with EL teachers to ensure all components of the Title III plan is being implemented effectively.

12.   Plans and implements Immigrant/EL professional development activities for teachers and administrators at the district and school level.

13.   Assists the immediate supervisor with organizing Immigrant and EL parent meetings.

14.   Ensures the EL teachers are assisting teachers in developing appropriate teacher-made student assessments to accurately reflect instructional needs of ESL students and the ELPT assessment.

15.   Conducts school site visits to monitor Immigrant/EL program compliance and provide technical support and resources, as needed

16.   Coordinates Immigrant/EL data collection and reporting to the school and district levels, to include but not limited to ELPT data.

17.   Conducts end-of-year (Immigrant and EL) program evaluations to include a needs assessment and plans of action.

18.   Assists administrators with interpreting all data for Immigrant/EL instructional programs.

19.   Formally and informally observes and evaluates teachers of ESL students to provide actionable, instructionally substantive feedback.

20.   Serves as district administrator for online programs used to support Immigrant/EL instruction.

21.    Attends workshops, in-services, and conferences to gain insight and knowledge on Immigrant/ EL related topics.

22.   Collaborates with leadership teams to develop, evaluate (based on student data), and implement strategic plans aligned with the district vision; assist in the creation and management of the plan.

23.   Conducts routine site visits of non-public schools to review supplemental programs and provide technical support.

24.   Utilizes data gathered from student assessments in non-public schools to collaborate with school administrators on the types of technical supports and resources needed to improve instruction.

25.   Monitors district and school level compliance of all non-public schools.

26.   Assists immediate supervisor, non-public Principal and teachers in improving instructional practice and student performance.

27.   Assists immediate supervisor with ensuring non-public schools are in compliance, assist with the development of needs assessment, parental involvement compacts, and review of all Title budgets.

28.   Uses grammatically correct written and spoken language

29.   Follows the rules and regulations of the St. John Parish School Board

30.   Notifies the immediate supervisor promptly in case of absence, and communicates in advance the date of return so that proper provisions can be made

31.   Knows and follows the district’s adopted Code of Discipline

32.   Maintains neat, accurate, current and complete records and reports and submits on time to the appropriate personnel when requested

33.   Attends school regularly and arrives punctually

34.   Displays proper respect for superiors

35.   Maintains the confidentiality of teacher observations

36.   Serves as an acceptable model for students, demonstrates personal and intellectual honesty and respects the rights of others.

37.   Makes use of constructive criticism and avoids use of sarcasm, undue criticism, inappropriate language and behavior, and use of racial and/or ethnic slurs when dealing with others

38.   Accepts other duties as may be assigned which are related to the scope of the job



The Title III Coordinator/Compliance Monitor is required to:  1) work in an office type setting, climate controlled environment adhering to school board energy policy; 2) sometimes work evenings, weekends, and holidays as required by job responsibilities and supervisors; 3) often visit schools and attend meetings in various locations locally and outside the parish.



The Title III Coordinator/ Compliance Monitor must be able to:  1) communicate in English both orally and in writing; 2) have the ability to accurately give and receive information via telecommunication system; 3) communicate successfully and pleasantly with the public;  4) accurately compile data, summarize information and provide written reports to supervisor;  5) have ability to represent school system at various public functions.



Sitting is required most of each work day.  Must be able to operate office equipment.  Standing, walking, reaching, bending, lifting up to 10-50 pounds is sometimes required.  Ability to provide own transportation to schools, work locations, and meeting sites.  Mobility skills necessary to access a variety of work locations.



The Title III Coordinator/ Compliance Monitor must:  1) understand and interpret written and verbal instructions from supervisor; 2) must be able to work independently with minimal supervision;  3) have ability to manage, direct, supervise and evaluate staff; and  4) comply with federal, state, and parish regulations.



The Title III Coordinator/ Compliance Monitor must be:  1) able to work compatibly in group settings;  2) able to respond positively to supervision and to accept suggestions for improvement;  3) able to use resourcefulness, tact, and sensitivity in meeting and assisting persons who make inquiries about federal and state programs as well as work positively with other departments.



Education/Certification – Master’s degree.  Type A/ Level 3 preferred or 10 years teaching experience with a Louisiana teaching certificate.



Five years of successful professional    experience.  Experience in group facilitation, planning, problem solving coaching, and other leadership activities









ITEM 7a.  Mr. Peter Montz – Request approval of the Land and Facilities Committee Recommendation on the HVAC Replacement at LaPlace Elementary K-2 Building


Mr. Montz stated that the low bid was Volute, Inc.  Mr. Jones asked if there were any local companies that had bid on this job.  Mr. Montz stated that there was not.


MOTION BY:    Wise

SECOND BY:   Sanders

MOTION:  To approve the low bid with the deductive change order.


After turning the Chair over to Vice President Sanders, Mr. Burl made a SUBSTITUTE MOTION to Reject all bids and re-solicit bids for this job.  Due to the lack of a second, this motion failed.


Upon roll call on the original motion to accept the low bid with the deductive change order, there were:

8 Yeas – Holden, Keller, Sanders, Jones, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Triche

1 Nay – Burl

2 Absent – DeFrancesch, Mitchell

The motion carried.


ITEM 7b.  Mr. Felix Boughton – Adopt ITEP Resolution


Mr. George stated that due to new guidance that just emerged from the state, administration is recommending that this item be tabled.  Following discussion, there was a


MOTION BY:    Triche

SECOND BY:   Wallace

MOTION:  To table this item.

8 Yeas – Holden, Keller, Sanders, Jones, Johnson, Wallace, Triche, Burl

1 Nay – Wise

2 Absent – DeFrancesch, Mitchell

The motion carried.


ITEM 7c.  Mr. Felix Boughton – Monthly Budget to Actual


Mr. Boughton presented the following report:



ITEM 7d.  Mr. Felix Boughton – Adopt resolution levying millages for the 2018 tax roll


MOTION BY:    Entire Seated Board


MOTION:  To adopt the resolution levying millages for the 2018 tax roll

9 Yeas – Holden, Keller, Sanders, Jones, Johnson, Wise, Wallace, Triche, Burl

2 Absent – DeFrancesch, Mitchell

The motion carried.













Mr. George reminded the public that there are Committee meetings held before the Board meets and the public is invited to listen to the discussion.  He wanted the public to know that although it often seems the Board makes very important decisions without discussion, that is not the case. Topics are discussed in depth at the Committee meetings.


Mr. Peter Russo, ESJH teacher, stated that the History Club at ESJH recently won 1st and 4th in the local National History Day competition.  The students will move on to the national competition in Washington DC in June.  The students will need to raise $10,000 in order to make the trip.  Mr. Wise volunteered to give $1000 toward the cost.  The following board members also pledged to donate towards the students’ trip:  Sanders $500; Burl $500; Holden $250; Wallace $250; Keller $100; and Supt. Kevin George $500. 




ITEM 12.  ADJOURNMENT - The agenda having been completed, and there being no further business, there was a

MOTION BY:    Jones

SECOND BY:   Wallace

MOTION:         Motion for adjournment.

There were no objections.

The meeting adjourned at 7:24 p.m.


________________________________                  ________________________________

Kevin R. George, Secretary                                  Albert A. Burl, III, President