The Chair called the meeting to order and read the following call:



Parish of St. John the Baptist


Dear Board Member:


Upon call of the President, the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board will meet in regular session at Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria, 1600 Highway 44, Reserve, Louisiana, on Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.


An agenda for the meeting is attached.



Cory Butler

Interim Superintendent/Secretary




The Chair called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m. He called for a moment of silent meditation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Mr. Jose Folgar. 


ITEM 2. ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS: The Chair called for Public Comment.


PRESENT:         Holden, Burl, Keller, DeFrancesch, Jones, Johnson, Schum, Wallace, Mitchell, Triche, Sanders

ABSENT:            -


There were 11 members present and 0 members absent. 


ITEM 3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The Chair called for Public Comment.


ITEM 3a.  Approval of Minutes of:  Meeting of January 16, 2020, Retreat Minutes of February 3-4, 2020 and Special Meeting of February 6, 2020


MOTION BY:    Burl

SECOND BY:   Jones

MOTION:  To approve the minutes of:  Meeting of January 16, 2020, Retreat Minutes of February 3-4, 2020 and Special Meeting of February 6, 2020

Roll call:

10 Yeas – Holden, Keller, DeFrancesch, Jones, Johnson, Schum, Wallace, Mitchell, Triche, Sanders

1 Nay – Burl


ITEM 4. SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT. Mr. Cory Butler, Interim Superintendent.


Mr. Butler informed the Board that although the postings are not closed yet, we have received 11 applicants for the CFO position and 16 applications for the Purchasing Director position.  He also informed the Board that the annual audit had been received from CRI and will be distributed to the Board in the next few days. 




ITEM 5a.  Mrs. Serina Duke – Recognition of School and District Students of the Year


2020 Students of the Year


5th Grade - East St. John Preparatory -  De’Kyra Jackson

5th Grade - Emily C Watkins -  Amarii Grinstead

5th Grade - Garyville Mt. Airy -  Magnet Cole Wilson

5th Grade - John L. Ory Magnet -  Kayden List McGee

*5th Grade - Lake Pontchartrain -  Elementary Rani Johnson

5th Grade - LaPlace Elementary -  Cali White

5th Grade - West St. John Elementary -  Dallys Burham

8th Grade - East St. John Preparatory -  Norshelys Lopez

8th Grade - Emily C. Watkins -  Kash Thomas

8th Grade - Garyville Mt. Airy Magnet -  Jada Diana Carroll

*8th Grade - John L Ory Magnet -  Skyla Lawrence

8th Grade - Lake Pontchartrain Elementary -  Autemus Bell

8th Grade - Laplace Elementary -  Chance Joseph

8th Grade - West St. John High -  Cortlan Shepherd


*12th Grade East St. John High -  Jose Folgar

12th Grade West St. John High -  Kaitlyn Narcisse


*Denotes District Winner




ITEM 6a.  Public Comment.  Mrs. Serina Duke – Request approval of revised job description:  IEP Coordinator


MOTION BY:   Wallace

SECOND BY:   Mitchell

MOTION:         To approve the Revised Job Description: IEP Coordinator


Following discussion, the motion was amended to include a Mild/Moderate Certification as a preferred qualification.

No objections.

Roll Call:

10 Yeas - Holden, Burl, Keller, DeFrancesch, Jones, Johnson, Schum, Wallace, Mitchell, Sanders

1 Nay – Triche

The motion carried.






JOB TITLE:                                          IEP Coordinator

REPORTS TO/EVALUATED BY:           Director of Special Education

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:     12 Months, 240 days

SALARY RANGE:                                 Coordinator Salary Schedule

SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITIES:          To establish and maintain effective and efficient

delivery of services involving IEPs, development and implementation, as established in St. John the Baptist Schools and in accordance with all state and federal guidelines.


For individuals with a disability, hiring decisions will be based only on the individual's ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations.





  1. Follows policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board.

  2. Attends work regularly and arrives punctually.

  3. Follows the time and/or duty schedule authorized by supervisor/designee for the work day.

  4. Notifies supervisor promptly in case of absence and communicates in advance the date of return so proper provisions can be made.

  5. Works cooperatively with others.

  6. Displays proper respect for superiors.

  7. Observes professional lines of communication at all times with individuals inside and outside the school system.

  8. Makes use of constructive criticism and avoids the use of sarcasm, undue criticism, inappropriate language and behavior, and the use of racial and ethnic slurs when dealing with others.

    9.      Serves as an acceptable model for students, demonstrates personal and intellectual honesty and respects the rights of others. 

    10.   Performs other duties as may be assigned which are related to the scope of the job.

    11.    Interpret educational assessment data and write standards-based goals within the guidelines of Federal law IDEA and Louisiana State Law, regulations, and Bulletins and assures that all students placed in Special Education classes have a compliant, appropriate, and functional IEP.

    12.   Supervises the maintenance of accurate student files for students receiving Special Education services in St. John the Baptist Parish schools via the required special education reporting system (SER) for the state and/or district.

    13.   Coordinates and monitors the scheduling, development and implementation of IEPs within St. John the Baptist Parish School System in accordance with federal law IDEA and Louisiana State Law, regulations, and bulletins. 

    14.   Serves as Officially Designated Representative when appropriate for initial, interim, and review IEP conferences and any other conferences deemed necessary.

    15.   Coordinates and conducts "check-in" and “check-out” procedures for Special Education personnel at the beginning and conclusion of each school year and assures that IEP folders are provided to the appropriate personnel during the school year.

    16.   Maintains state and federal compliance reports as assigned, including reconciling inaccurate data and/or errors and SER/SIS crosschecks, on the IDEA and MFP special education child counts/reports for the district/state.

    17.   Coordinates the monitoring of Special Education student records according to IDEA and state department requirements.

    18.   Prepares and disseminates correspondence and notices regarding all phases of IEP development and student records.

    19.   Provides inservice training, when appropriate, to Special Education teachers, therapists, and other involved personnel.

  9. Appropriately represents the school system and/or Director of Special Education at parish, regional, state and/or national level meetings when requested

  10. Serves as ESYP contact person for the school system; coordinates the ESYP program; and monitors ESYP documentation according to state regulations.

  11. Serves as evaluation representative at initial conferences and interprets evaluation findings to parents at initial conferences as needed.

  12. Coordinates Gifted and Talented programs.

  13. Evaluates assigned personnel.

  14. Works in professional harmony with staff members, administrators, teachers, parents, students, and the community.

  15. Establishes and promotes a positive relationship between the school system and the community

  16. Becomes familiar with and executes the educational philosophy, organizational structure, policies and procedures governing education as defined by the administration and the School Board.

  17. Prepares a daily itinerary and weekly proposal of activities to be forwarded to the Director of Special Education and maintained on file

  18.  Employee Conduct Policy

  19. Assisted by his/her evaluator collaboratively develop and implement a professional growth plan based on the district's Personnel Evaluation criteria.



The IEP Coordinator is required to:  1) work in an office type setting, climate-controlled environment adhering to School Board energy policy; 2) sometimes work evenings, weekends, and holidays as required by job responsibilities and supervisors; 3) often visit schools and attend meetings in various locations locally and outside the parish; and, 4) provide own transportation.



The IEP Coordinator must:  1) be able to communicate in standard English both orally and in writing.  This must be commensurate with age and skill of the listener; 2) have ability to accurately give and receive information via tele-communication system; 3) communicate successfully and pleasantly with the public; and, 4) accurately compile and access data, summarize information and provide written reports to supervisor.



Normal equipment found in educational administrative office such as computers, typewriter, telephone, etc., and utilize word processing program for report writing.



Must be able to operate office equipment.  Standing, walking, reaching, bending, and lifting 10 to 50 pounds is sometimes required.  Mobility skills necessary to access a variety of work locations are required.



The IEP Coordinator must be able to:  1) understand and interpret written and verbal instructions; 2) work independently with minimal supervision; and 3) comply with federal, state and parish regulations 4) effectively read, interpret and write IEPs; 5) utilize the SER and district student information system programs.



The IEP Coordinator must be able to:  1) work cooperatively with students, parents, and school personnel; 2) respond positively to supervision and accept suggestions for improvement; and, 3) use resourcefulness, tact, and sensitivity in meeting and assisting persons who make inquiries about the special education department as well as work positively with other departments



The IEP Coordinator must possess:  1) A valid Educational Leader Certificate; 2) five years of successful professional experience in a classroom of exceptional children, specifically writing IEPs; 3) a Master's Degree from a regionally accredited institution; 4) certification in an area of Special Education.



1) Working knowledge of the general education program; 2) certification in either Learning Mild/Moderate (Generic); 3) certification in one of the areas for evaluation coordinator as specified in Louisiana Bulletin 1508, (i.e., Assessment Teacher, School Psychologist, Social Worker, Speech/Language Therapist).




Dr. Keller left the meeting at 6:37 p.m. and was recorded as absent.




The chair was assumed by Vice President DeFrancesch for the following item:


ITEM 7a.  Public Comment.  Mr. Patrick H. Sanders - Request Board approval on Proposal 20.28 School Boundary and Redistricting Plan


Mr. Sanders stated that this is a feasibility study to determine if there could be a financial savings by closing/moving/merging any of our facilities.  We have the capacity of 10,000 students and current enrollment is only around 6,000.  South Central Planning will bring their findings to the Land and Facilities Committee and ultimately to the full board with a report.


MOTION BY:   Sanders

SECOND BY:   Triche

MOTION:         To approve Proposal 20.28 School Boundary and Redistricting Plan (South Central Planning at a cost not to exceed $20,000).

No objections.

Roll Call:

9 Yeas - Holden, DeFrancesch, Jones, Johnson, Schum, Wallace, Mitchell, Triche, Sanders

1 Nay -  Burl

1 Absent - Keller

The motion carried.

Mr. Sanders resumed the seat of Chair.


ITEM 7b.  Public Comment.  Mr. Albert A. Burl, III – Request Board approval on Proposal 20.31 Property Insurance



SECOND BY:   DeFrancesch

MOTION:         To accept the Proposal 20.31 Property Insurance as presented by Louisiana Insurance Agency for a total cost $1,251,471.30.

No objections.

Roll Call:

10 Yeas - Holden,  DeFrancesch, Triche, Wallace, Burl, Schum, Jones, Mitchell, Sanders, Johnson

1 Absent - Keller

The motion carried.




ITEM 8a.  Public Comment.  Dr. Stacey Spies – Request approval of New Policy:   IDDFA – Special Education Advisory Council.


MOTION BY:   Schum

SECOND BY:   Wallace

MOTION:         To approve the New Po0licy:  IDDFA – Special Education Advisory Council

No objections.

Roll Call:

10 Yeas - Holden,  DeFrancesch, Triche, Wallace, Burl, Schum, Jones, Mitchell, Sanders, Johnson

1 Absent - Keller

The motion carried.







The Superintendent, prior to January 1, 2020, shall create a Special Education Advisory Council, which shall provide advice and recommendations regarding special education policies, procedures, and resources.  The council shall also engage in outreach activities to the community at large to increase the level of knowledge, support, and collaboration with respect to special education.


The number of council members and composition of the council shall be determined by the Superintendent.  The Superintendent shall appoint the council members in accordance with the following statutory requirements:


1.      Fifty percent (50%) of the membership shall be parents or legal guardians of students with an exceptionality, other than gifted and talented, who are enrolled in a school under the jurisdiction of the public school governing authority.


2.      Twenty-five percent (25%) of the membership shall be teachers, principals, or paraprofessionals.


3.      Twenty-five percent (25%) of the membership shall be other special education stakeholders.


In selecting council members, an effort shall be made to include parents of students in elementary, middle, and high school grades.


The Superintendent shall designate the chairperson of the council.  The chairperson shall be responsible for calling the council’s meetings, preside over the meetings, and establish the agendas for the meetings, all in consultation with the Superintendent.


The Special Education Advisory Council shall meet at least three (3) times during a school year.  Minutes shall be taken of the proceedings of all Special Education Advisory Council meetings.  A written report shall be prepared by the Special Education Advisory Council and submitted to the Superintendent in May of each year regarding its activities.


No liability or cause of action against the public school district, public charter school or other public school, or any officer or employee thereof for any action taken by members of the Special Education Advisory Council.


New policy:  July, 2019


Ref:      La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:1944.1, 42:12, 42:13, 42:14, 42:15, 42:16, 42:17, 42:19, 42:20 42:24, 42:25.






ITEM 9a.  Public Comment.  Mr. Cory Butler – Request approval of Revised Organizational Chart


Public Comment:  Cindy Graham spoke in opposition of this item.


There was extensive discussion regarding this item. Mrs. Schum stated for the record that all research indicates that in order to impact students, only the dollars spent inside the classroom will improve student learning.  There is no evidence that validates adding Central Office personnel in order to impact students.  She stated that without a true dollar amount of what this Organizational Chart will cost, she cannot support adding positions at this time of the year, especially as interim positions that will take teachers out of the classroom just before testing.


Following further discussion, there was a


MOTION BY:   Schum

SECOND BY:   Wallace

MOTION:         To approve the Organizational Chart 2019-2020 (Mid Year) as presented

No objections.

Roll Call:

6 Yeas – DeFrancesch, Wallace, Burl, Jones, Mitchell, Johnson

4 Nays – Holden, Triche, Schum, Sanders

1 Absent - Keller

The motion carried.







ITEM 9a.  Public Comment.  Executive Committee (Sanders, DeFrancesch, Burl) – Recommendation by Executive Committee to allow LARMA (Louisiana Public Schools Risk Management Agency) to appoint representation for all claims and litigation


Public Comment:  Shondrell Perrilloux stated that there is not enough information on Items 9 a-b-c to comment on the items.


Mr. Joshua Cockfield (LARMA Representative) addressed the Board, stating that LARMA’s position is that information has not been shared regarding litigation and this is harmful to the group as a whole. 


Following discussion, there was a


MOTION BY:   Holden

SECOND BY:   Johnson

MOTION:         To allow LARMA to appoint representation for all claims and litigation.

No objections.

Roll Call:

10 Yeas - Holden, Burl, DeFrancesch, Jones, Johnson, Schum, Wallace, Mitchell, Triche, Sanders

1 Absent -  Keller

The motion carried.


ITEM 9b.  Public Comment Executive Committee (Sanders, DeFrancesch, Burl) – Recommendation by Executive Committee to terminate the School Board’s contract with Becnel Law Firm in its entirety as of April 1, 2020


Public Comment:  Ms. Shondrell Perrilloux stated that she will be reporting this information to NAACP and the Department of Justice.


Board President Sanders stated that a letter was received today from the Becnel Law Firm cancelling their contract with St. John the Baptist Parish School Board, effective March 1, 2020.



SECOND BY:   Holden

MOTION:         To accept the resignation from Becnel Law Firm, effective March 1, 2020.

No objections.

Roll Call:

10 Yeas - Holden, Burl, DeFrancesch, Jones, Johnson, Schum, Wallace, Mitchell, Triche, Sanders

1 Absent -  Keller

The motion carried.


Following further discussion regarding this item, there was a



MOTION:         To waive policy to convene in Executive Session.

This motion failed due to the lack of a second.


ITEM 9e.  Public Comment.  Executive Committee (Sanders, DeFrancesch, Burl) – Recommendation by Executive Committee to direct Becnel Law Firm to turn over all case files to Louisiana Public Schools Risk Management Agency within 30 days.


Mr. Sanders stated that there was no need for this item, due to the cancellation letter sent by Becnel Law Firm.






Ms. Holden asked administration for a report at the next Land and Facilities meeting on all pending work orders (those not completed, assigned or not).


Ms. Schum asked that the Salary Study Committee members be announced at the March 12, 2020 meeting and the first meeting be scheduled for some time in March.


Ms. Mitchell asked that a monthly update be given to the Board regarding the Charter School.


Mr. Wallace asked that an update on the roof of the ESJP Gymnasium be given. Mr. Herman Clayton stated that there have been several attempts to fix the leaking roof problems.  The subcontractor, Meyers and the warranty company have to decide between two options:  either recap the ridges or replace the panels on one side.  If replacement is decided, then it will have to wait for the summer.


Mr. Jones stated that the Board supported Mr. Butler by approving the Organization Chart and will hold him accountable for results.




The agenda having been completed, and there being no further business, there was a


MOTION BY:    Holden

SECOND BY:   DeFrancesch

MOTION:         Motion for adjournment.

There were no objections.

The meeting adjourned at 8:39 p.m.


_____________________________________                               _____________________________________

Cory Butler, Interim Superintendent/Secretary                                                       Patrick H. Sanders, President