SPECIAL BOARD WORKSHOP OF January 28, 2021 ~ 4:30 p.m.



The Chair called the meeting to order and read the following call: HONORABLE MEMBERS OF THE SCHOOL BOARD

Parish of St. John the Baptist


Dear Board Member:


Upon call of the President, the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board will meet for a Board Workshop at Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria, 100 Highway 44, Reserve, LA  70084, on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.


An agenda for the meeting is attached.



Dr. Lynett Hookfin



ITEM 1.  Call to Order, Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance


The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:34 p.m. She called for a moment of silent meditation and the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Mr. Sanders.


ITEM 2. Roll Call of Members:


PRESENT:          Keller, Sanders, Johnson, Schum, Triche, Mitchell.

ABSENT:            Holden, Burl, DeFrancesch, Jones, Wallace


There were 6 members present and 5 members absent. 


A video was shared in honor of School Board Member Appreciation Month. In the video, various employees across the district thanked the board members for their service.


ITEM 3. Public Comment.  Dr. Lynett Hookfin - Update on Virtual Learning


Dr. Juanita Hill shared the following information regarding testing:


Extensive discussion was held regarding when students will return to the classroom.


Ms. Holden arrived at 4:53 p.m. and was recorded as present.


Ms. DeFrancesch arrived at 5:05 p.m. and was recorded as present.


ITEM 4.  Public Comment.  Dr. Lynett Hookfin – Discussion: Cost Savings Ideas


Extensive discussion was held regarding how the district can save money.  Dr. Hookfin stated that for the next 6 months cost savings is imperative.  The following topics were discussed in detail:

Reducing Large Equipment Costs

Freeze spending except for essential purchases

Reduce food and refreshments for meetings

Streamline and vet software purchases at school sites and reduce training/support costs

Creating a true virtual school

Continue the reduction of extracurricular trips

Suspend retro-fitting of AC in buses

Rebidding service contracts

Implement a district technology fee to cover repair and replacement costs

Shop for best price wherever available

Eliminate overtime unless emergency

Reducing athletic budgets

Allow travel only through grant funding

Reducing coaching supplements

Go paperless when possible

Decrease the number of master/mentor teachers paid for outside the NIET grant

Reduce general office supplies

Freezing unused teacher allotments/revert back to general fund

Review vendor accounts for duplication of services

Freeze open job positions

Ask each department top view & cut a certain percentage across the board

Sell surplus property

Combine and/or close programs/schools (redistrict)


ITEM 5.  Public Comment.  Mrs. Debra Schum – Staffing based on student populations


Discussion was held regarding the development of a staffing formula across the board.


ITEM 6. Public Comment.  Mrs. Debra Schum – Current Organization Chart


Dr. Hookfin presented the Organizational Chart that was last approved by the Board:



ITEM 7. Public Comment.  Mrs. Debra Schum – CARES Act and possible upcoming funding update


Ms. Schum stated that she just wants to make sure we are receiving all possible funding from the CARES Act.  Discussion was held.


ITEM 8. Public Comment. Mrs. Debra Schum - Budget Update (Sales tax and other revenue)


Several factors are contributing to the budget shortfall:  Loss of sales tax due to pandemic, loss of property tax due to millages not being rolled forward, budget adjustment of MFP due to enrollment loss.


Mr. Triche stated he would like for the district to publicize the amount of money the district spent on computers and technology.


ITEM 9. Public Comment. Mrs. Debra Schum – Master Teachers/Mentor Teachers (Staffing/Budget)


This was discussed with ITEM 4.


ITEM 10. Public Comment.  Mrs. Debra Schum – South Central Planning Update (Possible Redistricting)


Discussion was held regarding whether or not the board should spend $20,000 for this.  Mrs. Schum stated that we have the data we need to make the decision on whether to combine sites or not.


ITEM 11. Public Comment.  Dr. Lynett Hookfin – Discussion: District Contracts


Dr. Hookfin stated that All South Engineers is assisting us with letting out proposals/bids and they are meeting with the Supt. weekly for updates.


ITEM 12.  Board Items of Interest


·         Personnel Committee meeting needs to be called to address the salary of the CFO

·         Advertise for Accounting Supervisor

·         L. Madere has asked permission to obtain a right-of-way over Leon Godchaux site

·         Cancelled February 25th Workshop due to retreat being held that weekend.




The agenda having been completed, and there being no further business, there was a


MOTION BY:    Wallace

SECOND BY:   Entire Board

MOTION:           Motion for adjournment.

There were no objections.

The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:47s p.m.


____________________________________                                ______________________________________


Dr. Lynett Hookfin, Superintendent/Secretary                                 Nia Mitchell, President