The Chair called the meeting to order and read the following call: HONORABLE MEMBERS OF THE SCHOOL BOARD

Parish of St. John the Baptist


Dear Board Member:


Upon call of the President, the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board will meet for a Board Workshop at Godchaux Grammar Cafeteria, 100 Highway 44, Reserve, LA  70084, on Thursday, March 10, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.


An agenda for the meeting is attached.



Dr. Lynett Hookfin



ITEM 1.  Call to Order, Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance


The Chair called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. She called for a moment of silent meditation and the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Mr. Sanders.


ITEM 2. Roll Call of Members:


PRESENT:          Keller, Sanders, Jones, Schum, Triche, Mitchell.

ABSENT:            Holden, Burl, DeFrancesch, Johnson, Wallace


There were 6 members present and 5 members absent. 


ITEM 3. Public Comment.  Dr. Lynett Hookfin (Tommy Naquin, P&N) – Current Financial Update


Mr. Naquin was unable to be present at the meeting, however, he gave a report via telephone.  He stated that the AFR Report for 2019-2020 has been submitted.  He stated that the auditors have not completed their audit, and wanted to note that it is problematic that Munis did not provide the reports needed.  Mr. Naquin explained that at this point, it appears the district is receiving $6.1 million per month, but spending $7.2 million per month. Extensive discussion was held regarding this item.


Mrs. Holden arrived at 3:05 p.m. and was recorded as present.


Mr. Burl arrived at 3:45 p.m. and was recorded as present.


ITEM 4.  Public Comment.  Dr. Lynett Hookfin – Dr. Lynett Hookfin – Updates from Meetings with Administrators


Public Comment:  Derron Cook – Stated that the teachers were told not to spend any money and asked if this includes Title 1, Special Education Funds, Teacher Allotments and Fundraising money.


Dr. Hookfin stated that she had met with the principals and explained that they are not to spend money unless it is absolutely necessary without approval from her first and they should email (Dr. Hookfin) for approval before spending.


Dr. Hookfin shared a Human Resource spreadsheet that gave the Board a snapshot of employee numbers by school site.  The Board asked for a few additions to the spreadsheet:  School Performance Scores; Paraprofessionals aligned with Special Ed Teachers; Custodial Staff – add sq. ft. of buildings; Clerical & Central Office employees.


ITEM 5.  Public Comment.  Dr. Lynett Hookfin - Updates on New Funding Sources (CaresAct, ESSA, Grants)


Dr. Hookfin explained that these are “offset” costs.  This means that the money is spent and then reimbursed.  The ESSA/Cares is $3.5 million and we will get guidance on how it can be spent next week.  Dr. Hookfin also stated that she is in communication with other districts regarding grants.


ITEM 6. Public Comment.  Dr. Lynett Hookfin – Additional District Cost-Saving Measures


Josh Cockfield spoke to the board about the necessity of Excess Workers Compensation Insurance.  He stated that the board has spend $3.4 million in claims that spanned from over 3 years ago.  The district currently has 12-13 people receiving compensation for more than a year and the board needs to put policies in place to reflect workers compensation ending after a certain period of time.


Mrs. Schum stated that we have to look at all cost-savings measures including closing STEM and moving the students to another campus, closing the Milesville building and selling that property.


Mr. Sanders asked what positions we are currently advertising for.  Dr. Hookfin stated: CFO, Purchasing Director, Risk Management and they are all closed at this time and the process will begin soon.


Mr. Burl stated that we have a tax renewal that is dedicated to the teachers salaries this year and the process could take up to 6 months to get on the ballot.  He asked Dr. Hookfin if she had spoken to Foley & Judell regarding this.  Dr. Hookfin stated that she has met with Jason Ackers and they will meet again.


ITEM 7. Public Comment.  Board Items of Interest


Mrs. Schum stated that we have to talk about closing sites to save money, and possibly selling property instead of only talking about RIFs.  Dr. Hookfin replied that any time we close sites, move students, etc., we must go through the process with the Dept. of Justice and that as a team, we must come up with a plan of action.  Dr. Keller stated that the Superintendent must make those decisions and bring them to the Board for approval.  Mr. Sanders added that it falls on administration to present plans to the Board (options) and then the Board will decide collectively what cost saving measures will be taken.  Mr. Burl stated that the Board asked for dollar amounts (in savings) and have not received that.  Dr. Hookfin stated that although we don’t have a CFO, the district is still spending more than it is receiving and that has to stop.


Dr. Keller left the meeting at 5:00 p.m.


Mr. Jones left the meeting at 5:39 p.m.




The agenda having been completed, and there being no further business, there was a


MOTION BY:    Sanders

SECOND BY:   Wallace

MOTION:           Motion for adjournment.

There were no objections.

The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 5:42 p.m.


_____________________________________                             ________________________________

Dr. Lynett Hookfin, Superintendent/Secretary                                 Nia Mitchell, President