The St. John the Baptist Parish School Board derives revenue from ad valorem taxation that provides for educational needs of students served by the School Board.  The School Board has authority to consider for approval applications submitted to it by corporations/businesses requesting exemption from all or part of any local ad valorem tax.


Before any exemption shall be considered by the School Board, the School Board shall establish minimum standards and criteria under which exemptions may be considered and/or granted, including, but not limited to, incentives for job creation or retention of existing jobs.  In addition, the School Board reserves the right to examine each application and stipulate other more specific criteria when deemed desirable on a case-by-case basis.


Once an application has been received, evaluated, and minimum criteria established, the School Board may adopt a resolution stipulating the conditions under which the exemptions are approved.  If adopted, the resolution shall be forwarded to the Governor and the Louisiana State Board of Commerce and Industry.


New policy:  March 15, 2018



Ref:    Constitution of Louisiana, Art. VII, Sec. 21(F)

Governor’s Executive Order JBE-2016-73

Board minutes, 3-15-18


St. John the Baptist Parish School Board