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This policy and procedures document applies to all departments of St. John the Baptist Parish School Board.  Specifically, this policy is applicable in the event of a renewal or re-negotiation of an existing contractual agreement, authorization of a request for qualifications, authorization of a request for proposal, etc.  The St. John the Baptist Parish School Board shall adhere to all local, state, and federal procurement guidelines.




This policy uses the term contract to mean any agreement, written or oral, that creates an obligation, right, or liability for St. John the Baptist Parish School Board.  An agreement may be a binding contract even though one party provides something of value to the other party at no charge.  This policy applies to the initial contract and to every amendment, renewal or extension of such a contract.


Examples of School Board contracts include, but are not limited to: agreements for the purchase, lease, or rental of goods or services; deeds; request for quotation; request for proposal; nondisclosure agreements; agreements that set terms for acceptance for gifts; a sale or lease of School Board goods or services; liability waivers; clinical service agreements; athletic agreements; settlement of disputes; licenses; memoranda/letters of understanding or cooperation; instructional agreements; assignment of the right of a person, group, or agency to use the School Board's name, logo or resources; etc.




Individuals wishing to enter into negotiations for contracts such as those described above must have the cooperation and approval of every department which may be directly or indirectly implicated in performance of the contract.  The department initiating the contract is responsible for reading the contract entirely and determining that:



All contracts require the review of the Purchasing Department and may also go through legal review before being finalized.  The Purchasing Department reserves the right to solicit additional bids for goods and services and is responsible for the final selection of vendors.  Legal reviews may be required for legal form including, but not limited to, appropriate designation of parties, legal consideration (i.e., mutual obligations), jurisdiction, term and liability.




As established by the School Board, the authority to sign any contract rests with the Superintendent and the School Board President.  Unauthorized signers are in violation of this policy and can be held personally responsible for any obligation under the contract.  Such actions may also result in disciplinary action, including termination.




The Superintendent and School Board President have delegated signatory authority at defined levels to the Purchasing Director.  In a limited number of instances, the authority to sign a specific contract may be delegated to other officials of the School Board by the Superintendent.  Such authorization shall be documented by the delegator and forwarded to the Purchasing Director for retention.






The original of any contract proposal shall be attached and forwarded to the Purchasing Department once all appropriate signatures have been obtained.  Include any supplementary information to support the contract as an attachment to the contract at the time of submission.  Because the Purchasing Department is responsible for the final selection of vendors, it is recommended that the organization and/or business review all documents with the Purchasing Department before submitting the contract for administrative review.


Each contract shall be monitored for compliance by the relevant department of the School Board.




After a contract has successfully been through the Administrative Review process and the requisition tied to the contract has been submitted and approved, the contract shall be signed by the Superintendent and/or School Board President.


The original signed contract shall be submitted to the vendor by the Purchasing Department.  Once all parties have signed the contract, the School Board shall retain the original contract at the Central Office and forward a copy to the affected organization and/or business.


Revised:  June 14, 2018



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81

Board minutes, 3-25-10, 6-14-18


St. John the Baptist Parish School Board