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The St. John the Parish School Board shall reimburse employees for damage or loss to personal property sustained by an employee while in the direct course of employment.  Said reimbursement shall be guided by the following regulations.




Personal property is defined as anything normally worn, carried or brought into or on School Board property by an employee.       


Equipment items such as tape recorders, record players, or materials which an employee has brought into a school for use in a classroom shall be required to have been registered in the office, identified by make, model number and serial number in a specific register maintained in the office for that purpose.




Employees represented by St. John Association of Educators who are required to use their personal vehicles in their line of work shall be reimbursed for any damage done to said vehicle while on duty.  Employees who suffer a loss of personal tools due to theft while on duty shall be reimbursed for the cost of same.  All tools referred to herein must be applicable to and intended for use in work performed for the employer.  Further, to be eligible under this provision, an employee must exercise due diligence and care in the use of both vehicles and equipment.  An inventory, validated by the supervisor, of all personal tools and equipment must be submitted prior to use.


Automobile batteries, smashed windshields and slashed tires will be replaced.  Specifically excluded are loss of currency and damage to an employee's automobile, other than the above, which has not made the vehicle inoperable.


Reimbursement for each occurrence of personal property loss due to theft or vandalism shall not exceed $500.00 of uninsured loss and shall be in accordance with the provisions of the various negotiated contracts, agreements and administrative regulations.


An employee shall be required to reimburse the Board for any monies received from the Board under this policy, if the employee actually collects for the same loss from an insurer or from the person who caused the damage.  At the time an employee receives the money from the Board under this policy, he/she shall subrogate to the Board his/her rights to collect from his/her insurer, or from the person causing the damage or loss, up to the amount he/she receives from the Board.


In the implementation of this regulation, each employee shall have the obligation to take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or theft, as judged by the appropriate supervisor (principal, department and/or division head) responsible for approving any claim.  Payment of any claim in accordance with the provisions of this regulation shall be made only if there is compliance by the claimant with all provisions herein.


  1. The claim for loss shall be submitted not later than three (3) work days after the incident occurs on Claim Request Form (HRM-PPL-la) to which shall be attached an estimate of cost of repair and any other information needed to substantiate the claim.

  2. The appropriate supervisor must review Claim Request Form (HRM-PPL-la) and indicate approval or disapproval.

  3. A designee of the Superintendent shall make whatever investigation is required to aid in the determination of approval or disapproval of an existing claim.

  4. Settlement for each loss under this regulation shall be made within three (3) weeks after the claim is approved.




In accordance with Board policy, damage or loss to personal property sustained by employees while in the direct course of employment is reimbursable, provided the claimant complies with all of the following provisions:  


The form (9HRM-PPL-la) shall include, but not be limited to:


  1. Specific information concerning the time, place, nature and extent of the damage or loss

  2. Name of witness(es) or person(s) who can corroborate the damage

  3. St. John the Baptist Police Department Item Number

  4. Signature of claimant

  5. Signature of the appropriate supervisor, who shall have the authority to indicate approval or disapproval of any claim following review of circumstances relevant thereto

  6. Name and address of person(s) responsible for the loss, if identity is known

  7. Information on insurance which covers such loss; i.e., policy number, carrier, type of insurance

  8. A subrogation in favor of the Board of the employee's right to collect the amount of his/her loss from the employee's insurer or from the person who caused the loss.


Revised:  September, 1990



Ref:     Board minutes, 1-11-90, 4-5-90


St. John the Baptist Parish School Board