Contracts of employment between eligible employees and the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board shall be executed for a specified period of time and compensation in accordance with state law.  Unless otherwise stipulated, all employees shall meet all stated position qualifications and/or certification requirements before any contract shall become valid.  Renewal or issuance, when possible, of contracts of employment, as well as dismissal or nonrenewal of contract notices, with the exception of performance contracts, shall be issued on or before the last day of each school year, whenever possible.


The execution of an employee contract between the School Board and employee shall be legally binding upon both parties.  Teachers without tenure shall be required to have a written contract.  Teachers who have gained tenure may not be required to sign a written contract each scholastic year, but shall be required to sign such employment contracts at intervals determined by the School Board.  The failure of a non-tenured teacher to sign a contract for the ensuing school session within the specified time, when required, shall be considered as voluntary termination of employment on the part of the teacher, unless under extenuating circumstances, an extension is granted by the Superintendent.  Any subsequent resignation or termination of said contract for reasons other than extreme emergencies, as determined by the School Board, shall constitute a breach of contract against which legal action may be taken by the School Board and the employee dealt with accordingly.  The Superintendent shall receive, finalize, and accept all resignations of all employees.  However, the Superintendent at the next available meeting shall report said resignations to the School Board.


The Superintendent shall sign each teacher contract.


Performance Contracts


Administrative and supervisory personnel in positions that require certification shall be hired under the terms of a performance contract of not less than two (2) nor more than four (4) years, except when such employment is for a temporary position.  The School Board shall make the final decision regarding the length of any such performance contract.  Prior to the School Board’s approval of any initial or subsequent contract which involves an employee being or having been promoted to a position with a higher salary, the Superintendent shall disclose all terms of the contract to the School Board.


Termination or non-renewal of any performance contract shall be governed by the terms of the contract and applicable law.




Salary Schedules


Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, the School Board shall establish salary schedules that shall be used to determine the salaries to be paid to teachers and all other school employees.  Salaries of all teachers shall be set by the Superintendent.  The salaries of all personnel are generally based upon an established salary schedule and associated regulations; provided, however, that salaries may be stated in and controlled by an employment contract.  The salaries as provided in any salary schedule shall be considered as full compensation for all work required and performed within each employee’s prescribed scope of duties and responsibilities.


Salary schedules established for teachers, administrators, and other certified school personnel shall be based upon the following criteria, with no one criterion accounting for more than fifty percent (50%) of the formula used to compute such employees' salaries:


  1. Effectiveness, as determined by the performance evaluation program as provided in La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:3881 through 3905.

  2. Demand, inclusive of area of certification, particular school need, geographic area, and subject area, which may include advanced degree levels.

  3. Experience.


No teacher or administrator who is rated ineffective pursuant to the School Board’s performance evaluation program shall receive a higher salary in the year following the evaluation than the teacher/administrator received in the year of the evaluation.


The amount of the annual salary paid to any employee in any school year shall not be reduced below the amount of such salary paid during the previous school year, nor shall the amount of the annual salary paid to any employee be reduced at any time during an academic year.  The limitations on the reduction in the amount of the annual salary paid to any employee shall not be applicable to:


  1. The correction of any accounting errors or to a reduction necessitated by the elimination of a state program or state funding;

  2. The reduction of any local salary supplement funded, in whole or in part, from a revenue source requiring voter approval, when such voter approval has not been obtained;

  3. An employee who has been promoted and subsequently demoted to a lower position. In this case, the employee’s salary shall return to the salary previously received in the lower position from which promoted; or

  4. The elimination, discontinuance, or reorganization of the position to which the employee is assigned that results in the employee working fewer hours, days, or months.  In such case, the employee’s salary for that academic year shall not be reduced.  After that year, the employee’s salary shall be determined in accordance with the applicable salary schedule for the employee’s position.


Ordinarily, no teacher shall be placed on the payroll of the school district unless the teacher holds a valid certificate as required by law, and a copy of the teacher's contract has been filed with the Superintendent.  Exceptions may be made only when qualified teachers with valid certification are not available for employment.


If any qualified teacher is hired that does not currently hold a valid Louisiana teaching certificate, he or she shall be paid according to the uncertified teacher salary schedule.  It shall be the responsibility of the teacher to meet the requirements for certification and to contact the Human Resources office once a certificate has been updated or issued.  The salary of the employee shall be adjusted to the proper place on the appropriate salary schedule effective upon verification of certification.  If the employee met the criteria prior to hire, the employee will receive certified salary effective the date of hire.  Employees who earn certification after hire, will follow the process for the acquisition of advanced degrees.


Experience Credit


A year of teaching experience is defined as each scholastic year of employment as a certified teacher in public schools within any of the fifty states of the United States of America, or within any of its territorial possessions; or as a certified teacher in a private or parochial school, as an employee in a state department of education, or as an instructor in an institution of higher learning.  All such experience must have been as a teacher in an institution or school accredited by one of the recognized regional accrediting agencies in the United States of America (e.g., SACS).  Experience outside the United States of America, its territories or possessions must be in an institution or school accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States of America.


A year of teaching experience shall be granted if the person was employed for at least ninety-one (91) instructional days during one scholastic year, excluding holidays, as verified by the Superintendent.  However, not more than one (1) year of experience shall be granted for a period inclusive of twelve (12) consecutive calendar months.  All experience must have been on a full-time basis.


Any teacher holding a valid Louisiana teaching certificate in the public school system of Louisiana who has transferred to Louisiana from a public school system of another state and who, at the time of such transfer, held a valid teacher's certificate from that state, shall be given full credit under the salary schedule for the years of satisfactory teaching service previously rendered in the public school system of that state.  Credit for previous teaching experience shall also be granted to anyone employed who holds a valid Louisiana teaching certificate and is employed or has been employed by another public school system in the state.


Advanced Degree


When a teacher earns additional college credit, is awarded an advanced degree, or receives additional training that would result in an increase in salary, said teacher shall be paid for the advanced degree or training beginning with the next payroll period after all necessary documentation has been received from the Louisiana Department of Education.  It shall be the responsibility of the employee to assure proper notification is given to the Superintendent or his/her designee.




The salary of any retiree who is reemployed as a full-time teacher shall be based on the salary schedule which accounts for all prior years of teaching service and pertinent experience.  The status of any retiree who is reemployed shall be the same as a full-time active employee, subject to all applicable rules, procedures, policies, and statutes that apply to all such full-time active employees.


The retirement of an employee prior to his/her re-employment as a retiree shall constitute a break in his/her service with the School Board for purposes of tenure and sabbatical leave.  The retiree shall not be allowed to carry forward annual leave days accumulated by him/her as of the date of his/her retirement, but he/she may carry forward accumulated sick leave days provided that he/she has returned to employment within five (5) years of his/her last employment as a teacher within the school system.  A retiree shall have the right to earn additional sick leave and annual leave, if applicable, on the same basis as other similarly situated newly hired employees while a retiree.


School Employees


Compensation for all school employees shall be based on applicable salary schedules or hourly rates established by the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board, with the exception that no employee shall receive less than the minimum established by state or federal law.


For the purpose of this subsection, school employee shall mean any employee of the School Board who is not required to hold a teacher's certificate as a condition of employment, including, but not limited to, bus operator, food service worker, paraeducator, custodian, and maintenance personnel.


Single Federal Award/Cost Objective Salary/Work Time Certification


It is the policy of  the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board that where employees are expected to work solely on a single  Federal award or cost objective, charges for their salaries and wages will be supported by semiannual certifications that the employees worked solely on that program for the period covered by the certification.  Also, where an employee is expected to work partially on a single Federal award or cost objective, charges for their salaries and wages will be supported by semiannual certifications that the employees worked that part of their time on that program for the period covered by the certification.  These semiannual certificates will be prepared by the employee or supervisor official having first-hand knowledge of the work performed by the employee.


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