Under state law, membership in the Louisiana School Employees Retirement System is required of all bus operators, custodial, and maintenance employees, provided they have not reached their fiftieth birthday at the time of their employment.  Those employed after reaching fifty (50) years of age become members of the social security system.


All food service workers who earn more than $1,200 annually and who have not reached their fifty-fifth (55th) birthday at the time of initial employment are required by law to become members of the Louisiana School Lunch Employees Retirement System.  Those who are employed after reaching the age of fifty-five (55) become members of the social security system.


At the beginning of each school semester the Superintendent shall present to the Board a fist of all of the bus drivers who shall reach the retirement age within each semester in order to facilitate any replacements and extensions.


Adopted:  September 21, 1978



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง11:1002, 11:1006, 11:1007, 17:1231

Act 160, 1978, Louisiana Legislature


St. John the Baptist Parish School Board