The St. John the Baptist Parish School Board recognizes its duty to provide a safe learning environment.  Zero tolerance for student fighting is policy and students twelve (12) years and older who fight shall be arrested after a thorough investigation following the procedures outlined in the Code of Student Discipline Handbook to ensure that any student who is not the aggressor, but merely defending himself or herself, is not arrested.


To further the effort of teaching students alternative ways to handle conflict, and thereby prevent future fights, the School Board shall require that the arrested student and his/her parent must attend a conflict resolution class within one month of return of the student to school.  Upon returning the student to school, the parent shall be charged a $50 fee to cover the charges necessary to provide for conflict resolution classes.  Forty percent ($20) of that fee shall be returned to the parent upon attendance of the student and parent at a two-hour conflict resolution class.  In lieu of the fee, the student may pay by performing ten (10) community/school service hours.


Conflict resolution class shall be provided after school or on Saturdays by School Board employees trained in the process.  Refusal to comply with the conflict resolution requirement and fee/service hours to return the student to school shall result in a negative report to the prosecuting District Attorney.


Revised:  August, 2006

Recoded: December 2, 2010



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:81, 17:223, 17:416, 17:416.1

Board minutes, 8-15-02, 6-1-06, 12-2-10


St. John the Baptist Parish School Board