Each St. John the Baptist Parish School Board member shall be required to receive a minimum of six (6) hours of training and instruction annually. Training and instruction shall address such topics as the school laws of Louisiana,  laws governing the powers, duties and responsibilities of school boards, the Open Meetings law, the Public Bid laws, and in educational trends, research, and policy.  Training and instruction shall also include education policy issues, such as the minimum foundation program and formula, leadership development, dropout prevention, school discipline, and harassment, intimidation, and bullying.  In a school district with a school(s) identified as academically unacceptable or in need of academic assistance, at least two (2) of the required hours shall focus on the improvement of schools identified as failing schools. 


Training and instruction may be received from a post-secondary education institution in Louisiana, from instruction sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Education, from an in-service training program conducted by a school board central office or the Louisiana School Boards Association (LSBA), provided that the instruction and method for demonstrating attendance has been pre-approved by the LSBA, or training and instruction received at any conference presented by the National School Boards Association or by the Council of the Great City Schools, provided that verification of attendance by the School Board members at any such training is obtained.  Each School Board’s member’s attendance shall be reported by the instructor to the LSBA.


Distinguished School Board Member


A School Board member who has received a certificate of completion for a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of training and instruction during his/her first year of service on the Board and has also received an annual certificate of completion of the required training for the subsequent three (3) consecutive years shall receive the designation of Distinguished School Board Member.


Verification and Disclosure of Training


The Superintendent shall be responsible for verifying that any of the training or instruction received by the School Board member meets statutory requirements.  The provider of any School Board member training and instruction shall issue a certificate of completion annually to those members who complete the required instruction.  A copy of the certificate shall be entered into the minutes of the School Board.


At least annually, the Superintendent shall transmit to the School Board’s official journal a press release detailing the training and instruction received by each School Board member, as well as information on each School Board member who has been designated a Distinguished School Board Member.




Each School Board member is required to receive a minimum of one (1) hour of education and training on the Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics during each year of his/her office.  All newly elected School Board members shall receive the required one (1) hour of education training within the first ninety (90) days after taking the oath of office. 


Campaign Finance Disclosure Training


In addition to ethics training, a School Board member shall be required to receive a minimum of one (1) hour of education and training on the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act during his/her term of office.


Revised:  April 2, 2009                               

Revised:  November, 2010

Revised:  May, 2013

Revised:  October 17, 2013



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:53, 42:1170

Board minutes, 4-2-09, 10-17-13


St. John the Baptist Parish School Board