When an opening in the Superintendency occurs, the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board shall aggressively recruit in an effort to fill the position with the most capable person available.  The Board shall consider only those candidates who meet both state and local qualifications and who display the ability to successfully carry out the duties of the Superintendent.


The School Board shall advertise and solicit applications from qualified members of the staff and may list the vacancy with placement offices at selected educational institutions in Louisiana and in neighboring states with other educational placement agencies at its discretion.  Prior to filling a vacancy, the School Board, at a minimum, shall publish a notice of the vacancy together with a request for the submission of applications to fill the position of Superintendent in accordance with all of the following:


  1. On two (2) separate days at least one week apart in the official journal of the School Board.

  2. Once in a daily newspaper published in the metropolitan area in the state having a population in excess of one hundred thousand persons that is nearest to the School Board offices, if such newspaper is not the official journal of the School Board.


All publication requirements stated above shall be completed at least thirty (30) days prior to action by the School Board to fill the position of Superintendent.


When filling a vacancy of the Superintendent, the School Board or any agent acting on behalf of the School Board shall not utilize only oral contacts and interviews of applicants considered, or use any other means to circumvent statutory provisions.  Nothing, however, shall prohibit oral contact prior to a person becoming an applicant or shall prohibit oral contact which may result in a written application or other documents.




The name of each applicant for Superintendent, the qualifications of each applicant, and any relevant employment history or experience of each applicant shall be available for public inspection, examination, copying, or reproduction as provided for in the statutory provisions governing public records.


Revised:  November, 2006

Approved:  October 15, 2009



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:54, 17:81, 23:291, 44:12.1, 44:31, 44:31.1, 44:32, 44:33, 44:34

Board minutes, 10-15-09


St. John the Baptist Parish School Board