The selection, transfer, promotion, demotion, and dismissal of professional personnel in this district shall be made without regard to race or color. The following nonracial objective criteria shall be used in selecting new professional personnel and in transferring, promoting, demoting, and dismissing professional personnel:


  1. College transcript;

  2. Type of teaching certificate and areas of endorsement on certificate

  3. Rank and class of teaching certificate;

  4. Number of years of teaching experience within the school system;

  5. Physical and mental health;

  6. Type of resident (temporary or permanent);

  7. Number of years teaching experience in public elementary or secondary schools;

  8. Degree held;

  9. Grades, subjects, or positions in which professional experience has been gained;

  10. Student teaching level and grade earned in student teaching;

  11. Number of hours earned above degree held; and,

  12. Number of hours held in current voluntary participation in seminars and workshops.


After use of the nonracial objective criteria, a subjective evaluation in each of the following categories shall be made:


  1. Past performance

  2. Ability

  3. Leadership

  4. Personality


The subjective evaluation shall be based upon a personal interview and information obtained in individual written references.


Adopted:  September 21, 1978



Ref:    20 USC 1681(Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972)

42 USC 2000d (1964 Civil Rights Act)


St. John the Baptist Parish School Board