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Employees of the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board shall be expected and required to report to their designated work locations in the prescribed manner and at the prescribed time work activity is to commence.  Employees shall also be expected to remain at work for the entire work period excluding any rest and meal periods permitted.  Tardiness, unexpected absence, or failure to report to work as scheduled may result in disciplinary action.  In cases of anticipated absence or where the employee cannot report to work as scheduled, the employee shall notify his/her supervisor as soon as possible after the employee becomes aware that he/she will be absent from work.  Continual absence by the employee shall be conveyed to the employee’s supervisor on a regular basis.  The frequency of contact that may be required shall be determined by the supervisor.




No teacher or other employee shall leave the school campus or work location without having first obtained permission from the principal/building administrator or designee.  Teachers shall be required to sign out, stating the reason for leaving school.  Upon returning, the teacher shall sign back in and note the time of his/her return.  An employee's immediate supervisor may authorize an absence during the business day.  The Superintendent or designee must grant permission for a period of one day or more.


Unauthorized Absence


Any employee who is absent from work and who has not received an authorized leave shall be considered on unauthorized leave.  Any employee on unauthorized leave shall receive no pay for those days which constituted the unauthorized leave and may be subject to dismissal and/or other disciplinary actions.


Job Abandonment


If an employee is absent for ten (10) or more days without explanation or approved leave, the School Board may consider the job as abandoned and the employee terminated, unless the employee can provide acceptable and verifiable evidence of extenuating circumstances, as determined by the Superintendent. 




It is the responsibility of the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board to accurately record, track and monitor the attendance and work hours of all employees.  The School Board will use a computerized attendance system as the official attendance system.


  1. Upon arrival, every employee shall record his/her arrival time using the School Board’s attendance system.

  2. At the end of the scheduled work day, every employee shall record his/her departure time by using the School Board’s attendance system.  Overtime for support personnel shall only be pre-approved by the Superintendent.  Employees cannot depart late and claim overtime unless pre-approved by the Superintendent.  If overtime is approved, the support employee shall record their time when he/she finishes the assigned job.  Overtime shall be paid based solely on the employee’s recorded departure time from the School Board’s attendance system for the minimum hours required by the contract.

  3. From time to time, employees may have to leave work early for personal reasons.  This is allowed as long as it is pre-approved by his/her supervisor.  Employees must log out any time they leave the work site for personal reasons.  If the employee returns that day, he/she must log back in using the Board’s attendance system.


Monitoring Daily Attendance/Reporting


  1. It is the site supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that employees are logging in and out correctly and for the accuracy of attendance data.  When employees are absent, codes are used to track the absences.

  2. Employees can charge their own absences for sick or emergency leave.

  3. If an employee would like to charge an absence other than sick or emergency the employee must notify his/her immediate supervisor.

  4. The site supervisor shall run attendance reports and correct all attendance errors.

  5. By the 2nd of the month employees will receive a notice of all absences charged against him/her for the prior month.  It is the employee’s responsibility to make sure that he/she receives this monthly notice and immediately notify his/her supervisor if he/she does not receive this notice.

  6. If an employee disputes an absence, he/she must dispute that absence through the site supervisor.  All employee requests for corrections must be submitted by the 10th of the month for the prior month to the site supervisor.  Site supervisors shall make any corrections that are supported by the necessary documentation by the 13th of the month.  Attendance for the prior month becomes final on the 13th of each month.

  7. Employees may appeal absences with a written request to the Superintendent.  The written request must provide appropriate documentation as determined by the Superintendent.  This appeal must be received by the Superintendent before January 31 for July through December absences and July 31 for January through June absences.

  8. It is the responsibility of the site supervisor to monitor these attendance policies, to ensure that all employees under his/her direction are following these policies, and report to the Superintendent any employee who fails to follow these policies.


Revised:  April, 2007

Revised:  October 18, 2012

Revised:  August 7, 2014



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Board minutes, 10-20-05, 3-15-07, 10-18-12, 8-7-14


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